Radiohead guitarist joins ACO Underground onstage


Thirty-five bucks won’t get you far these days, but for Radiohead fans in Sydney who went to see electro-acoustic outfit Australian Chamber Orchestra Underground at The Standard last night it meant the chance to see Jonny Greenwood take to the stage to perform a surprise intimate guitar piece.

The show, which included genre-fusing ballads by David Bowie, Nirvana and R.E.M. amongst others, also featured several works that the Radiohead guitarist had composed specially for the ACO collective to play on the night.

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After ACO Underground’s performance of one of Greenwood’s pieces — which featured his wife Sharona on the tambura — curator and front-woman Satu Vänskä introduced the guitarist for the stage to perform a piece written by American minimalist composer Steve Reich.

The notoriously shy guitarist was met with a rapturous applause as he took to the stage, and after performing the memorising piece, ‘Electric Counterpoint’ in front of a hushed crowd, left again with a humble wave and a smile for all the onlookers.

Earlier that evening, Greenwood was seen walking through the crowd, chatting and mingling with fans and friends as watched the opening set and an installation piece by Jon Frank.

The Radiohead guitarist is currently in Sydney on a break from touring with the band.

Moshcam filmed ACO Underground’s entire set — stay tuned for a live date.

Picture credits: The Standard (1st) and Onar Karaozbek (2nd)

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