22 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Summer Festival


Looking to host a summer festival? Or maybe you’re headed to one soon and want to know what’s in store. Either way, these are the essential ingredients for success.


1. A lead singer who takes their talents to the crowd

I don’t see a sign anywhere saying that musicians are restricted to the stage? Props to High Tension for taking advantage of that!

2. An Amazing Hype Man

When the crowd isn’t reciprocating what the band are – enter the hype man. AKA – a billion molecules of energy in human form.

3. A Long Haired Headbanger

A necessity for rock festivals. May as well shut it down if this guy doesn’t arrive. Luckily for Laneway Festival he got there early.

4. Safety Goggles

The front row is a sweaty place to say the least. A pair of these bad boys will deflect stray mosh sweat and have you looking good.

5. Appropriate Band Merch

I don’t know how I feel about wearing a t-shirt of a band that aren’t playing at the festival, so can we agre to avoid this by keeping it in the family? HELL FUCK YEAH!



6. the Exception

On second thought, we’ll allow one Blink 182 shirt per summer festival.

7. Good Looking Girls

Because everyone loves girls.

8. Good Looking Guys

Because everyone loves guys. Shout out to DMA’s

9. Matching Hawaiian T’s

Nothing says summer more than an XL Hawaiian T from your uncle’s closet.

10. A Double Decker Shoulder Stack

When a short friend is struggling to see the stage.

11. A triple decker shoulder stack

When a really short friend is struggling to see the stage.


12. Simpsons Merch

Shout out to the greatest ever TV series and this dashing couple. This sort of costuming spreads the smiles around.

13. A Shady Saloon

Don’t give in to the sun’s unforgiving rays. Good shade is essential for resting, reflecting and retiring.

14. Hot Dogs

Serves as a great entree for our next entry.

15. Beautiful Burgers

Serves as a great main for our next entry.

16. Ice Cream

Because who finishes a meal without ice cream?

17. A Pink-Up Truck Full of Beer

Needing to move to the other side of the festival in 5 mins flat to catch your favourite band? This makes for the perfect getaway vehicle.

18. A Shirtless Crowdsurfer

A moshpit isn’t complete without the half naked brave soul who kicks off the crowdsurf. The sweat is so real.

19. Artist Signings

Meet your favourite act in the flesh. Get them to sign your record, grab a selfie and ask them about those mysterious lyrics that have kept you up at night.

20. A Blue Sky

The real key to a summer festival is a summer sky.

21. Local Bands

You’ve run into them at your local bar, and now they’re shoulder to shoulder with the big international acts. So proud! Hey there Royal Headache!

22. International Bands

What whets your appetite more than an international band stopping over in your humble abode of a city. Gracias Fidlar!


And there it is. We miss anything? No. No we didn’t.

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