The Indie Rock Halloween Playlist

With Halloween festivities creeping up it’s time to put the finishing touches on that party playlist, but rather than risk boring your friends into a zombiefied state with hackneyed staples, why not spice things up with some frightfully chilling indie rock tracks? To help you along we have put together a list of ten suitably-spooky-songs-certain to fuel those party vibes.

10. “Help I’m Alive” Metric

Being the only living person in the room is always a little awkward. This unapologetic party starter articulates on those everyday woes of being the last living survivor. Sure to get the pulse going.


9. “Continental Shelf” Viet Cong

The ninth entry is another Canadian act that can conjure some seriously creepy vibes. With a music video that provides a cavalcade of horrific imagery deployed in conjunction with terrifying sonic textures Continental Shelf will saturate the listener with visceral horror.


8. “Pretty Girls Make Graves” The Smiths

Things would be a little amiss without an entry from indie icon Morrissey. Fall victim to spectral guitar licks and a creeping bass line that makes the skin crawl. But with a disturbed lyrical hook ominously cautions “I’m not the man you think I am/I’m not the man you think I am”, don’t say you weren’t warned.


7. “Wolf Like Me” TV On the Radio

Unleash the beast with Brooklyn four-piece TV on the Radio’s Wolf Like Me”. Frenzied rhythms and electrifying guitar riffs express the exhilaration of setting loose the monster within. This one is sure to resonate with the monstrosities lurking in all of us.


6. “Anyone’s Ghost” The National

While the inspiration for the song probably has more to do with relationships than the supernatural, the haunting reverberations of Matt Berninger’s melancholy baritone alone are enough to curdle the blood or chill to the bone. Add otherworldly strings and guitar riffs to the mix and you have a track which perfectly encapsulates that feeling of death, degradation and decay. Think of it as a Bruce Willis Sixth Sense scenario.


5. “Tokyo Witch” Beach House

This one is perfect for winding things down for the witching hour. These stygian synth riffs, rattling drums and beguiling vocals can imbue the night with a dark and seductive sense of occultism.


4. “Howlin For You” The Black Keys

From the goofy grooves of Warron Zevon’s Werewolves of London to the braying howls of Ozzy Osbourne’s Bark at the Moon lycanthropy have proved a source of endless fascination for rock songwriters. As such it’s little surprise to find a second entry from the lycan camp. Channelling animalistic lust from a bygone rock era this sneaky love track could heat things up between gremlins and ghosts.


3. “Halloween” Sonic Youth

The hypnotic fuzz of these lo-fi legends makes the hair stand up on your neck. It’s sure to infect the dance floor with some much needed delirium.


2. “Scarecrow” Beck

The funky beats of 2005’s Guero will be sure to please those restless cadavers.


1. “Bones” The Killers

Merging the cheesiness of an 80’s B grade film with anthemic indie rock, “Bones” serenades us with a tale of a love which transcends all mortal trappings, well almost all of them. A guilty pleasure that’s sure to fill the floor.


For immediate convenience, we’ve grouped them together in a Spotify playlist…

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