5 Falls Festival Acts You Haven’t Heard Of But Can’t Miss


I’m not going to tell you what to do. I’m not your dad… yet. But there are some bands that need, nay deserve, your attention in the lead up to Falls Festival so that you can dance your fuzzy little heart out or simply sit back and appreciate as the situation warrants. Here’s your Falls starter pack.


Marlon Williams

The name sounds like he hails from the Delta and his music has more than a tinge of blues to it, but he cut his teeth in the Land of the Long White Cloud and now calls Australia home.

He may be too well known to appear on this list by now, with an almost decade-spanning career seeing him tour with other indie, blues, and country heavyweights like Justin Townes Earle and Band of Horses with his various bands. His debut self-titled album from last year is a haunting and beautiful one, and nothing is going to stop me from being front and centre at Falls to experience it. I’ve included him to make sure you do the same.



Hein Cooper

You know those musicians busking on the street with nothing but a guitar, a mic and a loop pedal? I’m talking about the ones absolutely killing it and drawing a crowd while the old guy a few blocks away with knee cymbals and an accordion contemplates the choices he’s made. Well, this is what they aspire to be. Hein Cooper may start off writing his songs with a loop pedal, but his live show with a full band is set to be the perfect sunny day soundtrack. If you’re not careful he’ll make you cry too. So don’t forget to hide your feelings in a safe place and pick them up at the end of the shindig.



Tired Lion

I was lucky enough to check these guys out earlier in the year, and I can honestly say they blew my socks clear off my feet and into a different dimension. They’re on the rise, so catch them now so you can say you saw them before they were big. I mean, that’s the point of live music, right?

Not really, but if you have a soft spot for hard punk rock inspired tunes with a tinge of ’90s grunge that’s less Nirvana and more Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins, then this is so far up your alley that you’ll need a proctologist to remove them from your soul. Check out our interview with the band here.




If you guessed how to pronounce their name the first time round, then you’re doing better than me. This indie electronic duo from Oslo will definitely tickle you in the right place and give you Norwegian wood. They’ve got solid dance hooks, they’re not afraid to use horns and if they don’t make you want to dance, you might be dead inside and should consult a morgue. Their latest track ‘We Got U ft. the Knocks’ is the catchiest little son-of-a-bee-sting you’ll wrap your ear holes around this New Year’s.



Northeast Party House

You’ve probably heard of these lads by now, but I need to include them here as a public service announcement. Don’t miss them! They recently tore it up with Aussie legend Phil Jamieson at the Triple J Unearthed 10th Birthday shindig with an off the chain version of ‘Chemical Heart’. These guys don’t just put together a set list, they put together a whole damn party (as the name suggests). It’s a delicious mix of percussive indie rock and smooth electro grooves that has me counting down the days until I can tell my work to go shove it for a few days. Jokes, love you Moshcam.


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