32 Bass Players Who Also Handle The Vocals


Usually a rhythm guitarist, often no instrument, rarely a drummer or six-string lead. These are the roles that your average lead singer will uphold.

Not mentioned is a bassist! The forgotten four string tempo holder already has a role that’s integral enough, chuck lead vocals on top of that and you’ve got yourself a very valuable band member. Here are 32 occasions where it’s been on exactly them to handle both.


1. Roger Lima, Less Than Jake

2. Gene Simmons, KISS

3. Jack Bruce, Cream

4. Sting, The Police

5. Nikola Sarcevic, Millencolin



6. Benjamin Orr, The Cars

7. Lemmy, Motorhead

8. Geddy Lee, Rush



9. Roger Waters, Pink Floyd

10. Tom Araya, Slayer



11. Mark Hoppus, Blink 182, +44

12. David Monks, Tokyo Police Club

13. Troy Jayson Sanders, Mastodon



14.  Tyson Ritter, The All American Rejects

15. Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Wings



16. Kavyen Temperley, Eskimo Joe

17. Fat Mike, NOFX

18. Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy



19. Aaron Beam, Red Fang

20. Steve Kilbey, The Church



21. Greg Lake, Emerson, Lake & Palmer

22. Les Claypool, Primus

23. Johnette Napolitano, Concrete Blonde



24. Peter Steele, Type O Negative

25. Mike Kerr, Royal Blood



26. Aimee Man, ‘Til Tuesday

27. Michael Steele, The Bangles, The Runaways 

28. Mark King, Level 42



29. John Lodge, The Moody Blues

30. Jerry Only, The Misfits



31. John Doe, X

32. Tyler Richardson, Luca Brasi

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