10 Bands At Splendour Set To Trigger A Mighty Mosh


The Splendour in the Grass playing schedule has finally dropped, meaning that lucky festival goers need to start working out how much they can pack into three days. If you’re all about the crowd and festival atmosphere, we’re here to to make your scheduling easier. We’ve hunted down what we think will be the ten biggest moshpits of the weekend, allowing maximum time for headbanging and awkward arm flailing.

Violent Soho

Yeah it’s an obvious choice, but so what! This one can’t be missed. After their recent rowdy tour of Australia, it seems Violent Soho are able to amp crowds up better than ever before. Newer tunes like ‘Viceroy’ and ‘Like Soda’ will no doubt have the crowd jumping, thrashing and head banging, but when they drop their older singles like ‘Covered in Chrome’ and ‘Dope Calypso’, people will transform into crowd surfing maniacs, throwing themselves over the guard rail. This definitely won’t be an experience for the faint hearted and I’m sure we’ll see a couple of circle pits appear throughout the set. Hell fuck yeah.



King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

This is going to be a pretty trippy and weird mosh, and with the vibes and energy this band throw out, there is no doubt it’ll result in a psychedelic sea of bodies moshing to their infectious sounds. With some of the costumes the band has donned in the recent live shows, here’s hoping they will bring the ‘People Vultures’ creature to the stage, which I’m sure will make the mosh even more insane.



Sticky Fingers

These guys know how to put on a show and how to get a crowd warmed up; it’s as simple as that. Their music isn’t nearly as heavy as some of the other bands playing, but the mosh at their shows always seems to be off the wall thanks to the infectious energy of front man Dylan Frost. Considering the Sydney band have recently released singles ‘Outcast at Last’ and ‘Our Town’, you can expect to see hard-core fans pushing as hard as they can to get to the front of the crowd to get a glimpse of the debauchery on stage.



At The Drive In

It’s been a huge sixteen years since the release of their last album Relationship Of Command and the first time since 2012 they have played to Australian audiences. Combine these factors with their unique take on post-hardcore, punk rock sound and this is going to be one sweaty and grimy mosh. I have no clue what the set list has in store for us, but I think if we’re lucky enough to be treated to ‘Pattern Against User’ and ‘Invalid Litter Dept’, the mosh will be sent to the next level.



Gang Of Youths

Although they don’t seem like the typical kind of moshing music, there’s something about this band, no matter where they are playing, that always draws fans in and leaves them unable to stand still. Their stunning mesh of indie rock, mixed with front man Dave Le’aupepe’s infectious, warm and honest stage presence leaves people in the mosh feeling that they’re at a giant house party, making it impossible not to dance for the entirety of the set. Sure, it won’t be the roughest or most intense mosh, but with tunes like ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Poison Drum’, it sure as hell will be an upbeat and fun one.




This one doesn’t need a long explanation. This duo have managed to make a name for themselves as one of the best dance/electro outfits in the country, which has largely been driven by the huge live shows they put on. If there’s anyone in the mosh able to contain themselves when bangers like ‘Through The Roof’ or ‘The Buzz’ drop, I will be immensely impressed.



High Tension

They may not be the biggest band on the Splendour bill, but the energy and punk rock vibes that this band oozes will put them up there with the best moshes of the festival. They were one of the clear highlights of Laneway Festival earlier this year, and we can’t wait to catch them again. Borderlining on heavy metal, Karina Utomo and crew know how to make a crowd thrash, especially with singles like ‘Bully’ and ‘Guillotine’.




This band has been able to generate such a cult following in such a short amount of time, there’s no doubt they will draw a huge crowd for their set. Although they’re still a relatively new band, their unique blend of fuzzy garage rock is amplified through their high energy live performances, reverberating a scuzzy rock vibe throughout the crowd that continually hypes up the mosh. Imagine singles like ‘Too Soon’ or ‘Lay Down’ with even more grit and live energy…this will make for a pretty grungy mosh.



Nothing But Thieves

This five piece should cover the whole moshing spectrum. They write songs like ‘Itch’ that are on the heavier side of rock, and then they have singles like ‘Trip Switch’ that almost fall into the category of alternative rock. With something for everyone, we think they will draw in a pretty diverse crowd that will make for a super upbeat and interesting mosh. Although, if you are one of the people who enjoy their more mellow sounds, maybe stand off to the side as I’m sure this set will have its fair share of thrashing bodies and crowd surfing.



The Avalanches

Another obvious choice to end the list, but one surrounded with uncertainty. Although it’s easily one of the most anticipated sets, no one’s really sure what the Avalanches’ performance will entail. It’s been sixteen years between their first and second album and therefore a long time since we last saw them perform live in Australia. They did play a recent set at Primavera music festival however “visa fuckups” resulted in a shortage of members and therefore a reduced DJ set rather than full band performance.


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