Two Piece Bands Who Need No 3rd Wheel


Starting a two-piece band is a gutsy move. You’re basically saying to the world, “You know that thing most people do with three to five people? Well, we’re going to do it with two!” Here are some bands that have already proved to the world that they can do it better as a duo (or as I call it, a broken tricycle) and others you’ll want to keep both eyes on (which is easy in this case).


Know And Love:


The White Stripes

The band that all other duos are compared against. This fake brother and sister had more rock and roll force in their little fingers than bands twice their size. As we’ve come to learn, everything Jack White touches turn to gold. Read our ranking of his 13 albums here.



The Black Keys

The slightly less cool and way younger brother of The White Stripes (at least, that’s how Jack White sees them), they did bring their own southern country boy charm to the format and exploded into popularity. As their career has progressed however, the ‘two piece’ label has become increasingly tenuous as their songs are constantly layered with a variety of other instruments. Don’t they only have four hands between them?



Royal Blood

These British lads exploded out of the gates and shook the rock world with their self-titled 2014 offering. I think we’re just about due for a follow up from Mike and Ben, wouldn’t you agree? We’ve only had one taste of new music from the boys so far, but it seems like they haven’t lost any of their power. Watch their full show here.




It’s hard to put any one label on this Brooklyn based outfit. They’re electronic, they rock, there are guitars and yet there’s a whole lot of synth action going on. The one thing we can agree is that there are exactly two of them and they make great music. Hence, they are on this list.




Big Boi, Andreé 3000, yep, that’s two people. Don’t bother double-checking, I’m pretty confident on this one! Usually it takes a village of people to convince me to get out on the dance floor but Outkast can do it with just two. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.



The Kills

One of the best things about two pieces is the attention they place on each of the members’ individual talents, which can otherwise be buried or lost in the mix. Case in point: Jamie Hince’s scratchy guitarwork and Allison Mosshart’s frenzied vocals which both share front of the stage. They’re a match made in musical heaven best enjoyed when turned up to 11. Australian fans can catch them at Splendour in the Grass this year, or else watch their full show here.



Honorable Mention: Flight of the Conchords

You have to give it to Jermaine and Brett. If I was in a New Zealand folk parody duo, skyrocketing to stardom wouldn’t necessarily seem like a realistic outcome, but by George, these guys bloody went and pulled it off.



Duos you need to check out:


Purity Ring

With sinister lyrics, danceable beats and an absolutely incredible voice you really can’t go wrong here. Their incredible live show is spectacular and something to behold. If you get a chance to see Purity Ring live I strongly suggest you take it.




This New York based punk/glam/power pop outfit will leave you with so many more questions than answers but the music will instantly turn any bad day into a great one.



Milk Carton Kids

If you’re like me and have a deep yet unexplainable attraction to Country tinged, Americana folk then these guys will feed that lust like a majestic sea eagle regurgitating into the mouths of its young. Their guitar playing is mind boggling and their harmonies are divine but one of my favourite aspects of this band is their hilariously dry on-stage banter. Top notch.




Hailing from the land of EU rejecters (we’re not dropping this for a while), Drenge gained quite a following after being recommended by former British Labour MP, Tom Watson in his resignation blog post. If you’re more of a conservative voter, you’ll have to make up your own mind.



DZ Deathrays

DZ Deathrays are legends of the Australian music scene and if you haven’t wrapped your head holes around them yet then there’s no time like the present. If you watch this clip closely you might even spot a cameo from fellow Aussie group Dune Rats.


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