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Got some spare money sitting around? Featuring Eric Clapton’s beloved Fender Stratocaster ‘Blackie’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ glove, these are the ten items of music memorabilia which we’d buy immediately if we won the lottery…

1. John Lennon’s Gibson J-160E

Price Tag: $2.4 million

Why: The acoustic-electric may be one of the most expensive guitars ever sold, but its hefty price tag matches the dense history that comes with it. It was used in the writing and recording of Beatles’ classics like ‘She Loves You’, ‘I Want to Hold your Hand’ and ‘All My Loving’.



2. ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ Lyrics

Price Tag: $2 million

Why: The ten-page poem, written on stationary from the Washington Hotel, was deemed the “Holy Grail of rock lyrics”. They also happen to be the most expensive lyrics ever sold, so pretty good resale value.

Like A Rolling Stone Lyrics


3. Michael Jackson’s Red ‘Thriller’ Jacket

Price Tag: $1.8 million

Why: When it comes to the King of Pop everyone thinks of two items: the red thriller jacket and bedazzled white glove. Maybe you can get some sort of combo deal? To indicate its authenticity, the jacket is inscribed with the words “To Bush and Dennis, All My Love, Michael Jackson”, referring to the two designers of the jacket and making it easy to verify on eBay if you get bored of it.



4. Michael Jackson’s White Glove

Price Tag: $420k

Why: Moonwalking purposes.



5. ‘A Day In The Life’ Lyrics

Price Tag: $1.2m

Why: The combination of John Lennon’s perspective on the news and Paul McCartney’s story of his youth makes for a somber yet beautiful set of lyrics.

A Day In The Life Final Lyrics


6. Eric Clapton’s Guitar “Blackie”

Price Tag: $960k

Why: This unique masterpiece is the handiwork of Clapton himself, assembled from three different ‘50s Stratocasters. It has seen Clapton through his career from 1970-1985 and was part of rock and roll history during the auspicious Rainbow Concert in 1973 and Live Aid in ’85.



7. Bob Dylan’s 1965 Strat Guitar

Price Tag: $965k

Why: Dylan’s choice to go electric for the first time at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival caused a massive stir in the world of rock & roll and was, according to Rolling Stone magazine “one of the most notable events in music history.” This is the guitar he did it with.



8. Jerry Garcia’s Guitar “Tiger”

Price Tag: $957k

Why: The tonal masterpiece that led Garcia through his 1979-1982 career. It was custom made by renowned luthier Doug Irwin has several sweet modifications, such as a buffered effect loop allowing you to wire the effect pedals to the guitar. If you need anymore of a reason, it is beautifully handcrafted with Cocobolo, Maple and Vermillion woods, and woven in between are pearl details, giving a sophisticated finish.

Jerry Garcia


9. The Rolling Stones Original Tongue Artwork

Price Tag: $420k

Why: Think how much cooler your bedroom would look if you replaced your crappy poster replica with the original? Inspired by the tongue of Indian Goddess Kali and Mick Jagger’s lips, this has to be one of the most globally recognizable logos.

Rolling Stones


10. Freddie Mercury’s Stage Outfit

Price Tag: 52k

Why: This iconic outfit was a staple during Queen’s final tour in 1986, and their epic Live Aid Concert in ’85. It also made an appearance in the 1989 single ‘The Miracle’.



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