Radiohead’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ Track Origins


A Moon Shaped Pool may be Radiohead’s new album, but not all of the tracks on the release are. In fact, six of the songs had been teased way before the record dropped, with one even tracing back to 1995. Check out the originals below to see how they compare to the final recordings.

Desert Island Disk

‘Desert Island Disk’ made its acoustic debut during a solo performance by Thom Yorke in Paris at the end of last year. The song didn’t change too much for the album.



Ful Stop

This one was first played in 2012, albeit in a far heavier form than the final album version. Difficult to say which is better in this case.




Definitely one that’s improved in the studio recording, with this early performance sounding rather unfinished. Still, it provides an excellent chance to properly hear Phillip Selway’s excellent drum beat for the song.



Silent Spring (aka The Numbers)

Another acoustic version from Thom’s Paris gig. It was a pretty safe assumption that this track would make it to the new album, particularly when at 2:28 Thom says “This is Johnny’s bit”.



Present Tense

One that’s been in the pipeline a bit longer. The vocals on this performance are particularly impressive, with Thom’s signature falsetto hitting incredible highs, perhaps even stronger than those on the album version…



True Love Waits

The oldest and definitely most controversial addition to the new album. This track has been floating around since 1995, and even featured on a live album that the band released in 2001. The album version slows the song down and transfers its instrumentals from acoustic guitar to piano. Most Radiohead fans were very familiar with the song long before the release of A Moon Shaped Pool causing strong debates over which version is better.


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