Bastille talk new tours, shark dives and robots


A UK number one album, massive radio play, sold out shows around the globe -Bastille have had a year bigger than frontman Dan Smith’s famous quiff. On the eve of the rousing English rockers announcing a new Australian tour (get info here), we spoke to bassist Will Farquarson (pictured left) about their huge year, shark dives, dancing robots and Matt Bellamy boxer shorts.

Moshcam: Where are you right now?
Will: We’re on tour in Zurich. We’ve got two more days and then we go back to London and then America. It’s about half-eleven. We just came off stage, had a pizza and now I’m talking to you…

Pizza and me, lucky you! Your Aussie shows sold out in a day earlier this year. You must be excited about coming back?
Yeah, very excited. Last time I was there I was promised a shark dive at our record label. We were at the Sydney Aquarium but I didn’t have time to do it then. The gigs and such will be awesome too.

Is everyone keen on the dive or just you?
Just me, I think. Kyle’s biggest phobia is sharks, which is weird because he’s probably never going to encounter one. Just him going in the sea is a foolish move.

The band’s had a colossal year. What have been some of your personal highlights?
We were lucky enough to play the John Peel stage at the Glastonbury festival, which was packed out. It was one of those ‘pinch yourself’ moments. Also the album going number one was a childhood dream come true.

Supporting Muse on their stadium tour and playing to a hundred thousand people was cool too. Our drummer Woody is quite obsessed with them – he had a pair of specially-made Matt Bellamy boxer shorts, which he tried to wear in front of him.

Muse’s stage-show was amazing as well. I met the man with the coolest job in the world, the guy who’s inside their 20-foot robot who dances around on stage. I was like ‘I gotta get that job!’ They also had a girl in a light bulb.

You need to get a robot suit on your rider.
We’ve got nowhere to keep it though. We’ll just end up with a rubbish five-foot one and no one wants a robot smaller than them.

You’ve been touring non-stop. What’s your favourite road tale to tell?
Before we were signed, we got to play a really small stage at Glastonbury on a day before the proper festival kicks off. Because it was so small, we could only get three passes, even though there’s four of us. So we had to smuggle Kyle in in a van literally inside a sofa with a man we’d just met that day. That was quite funny, although we should probably stop telling that story in case Glastonbury bust us.

Bastille aren't short of fans. What’s been your most memorable fan experience?
There’s so many. I’ve had people cry talking to me, which is the weirdest experience. I had one girl just keep saying ‘Oh my God, you’re real! Oh my God, you’re real! And I was like ‘yes I am…’

This year Dan’s hair has really been built up a following of its own. Is that hard to compete with?
Yeah, it’s bizarre. Mine’s all falling out so it can take the attention away from mine. It’s really weird – its not like he’s got a mohawk. I think Dan’s a bit funny to keep talking about it, but people seem genuinely interested.

You’ve just released the reissue album ‘All This Bad Blood’ [which contains their debut album ‘Bad Blood’ plus several new song], but how’s work going on the sequel?
We’re working on it, but it turns out when your band does quite well, you don’t have any time to record new music. We’ve recorded about eight songs, three of which are fully finished demos. It’s just about finding the time next year. We want to get it out late next year or early 2015 as we’re touring quite a lot.

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