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What goes on tour stays on tour, right? Not anymore. Our Road Test series rates a band’s life on the road from mild to wild. How’s it work? We ask them ten questions and score their stories out of ten.

Up next is Piers from London drum ‘n’ bass outfit Rudimental, who recently topped the UK charts with their anthem ‘Feel The Love’. On a promo trip to Australia, he regaled us with tales of bum tattoos, crazy Croatian festivals and dance-offs ending in operations.

NAME: PIERS AGGET (producer/songwriter)
Hometown: London, England
Touring Since: 2010

1. Best Venue/Festival You’ve Played?
Probably our first live show ever which was at Hackney Weekend. It was a special moment because the Hackney marshes were where we grew up and played football. The BBC’s Radio 1 put on this big show with Rihanna and Jay-Z headlining. We were in an 8000 capacity tent so it was pretty special. We got really pissed that night!

Playing Brixton Academy was also pretty amazing. It’s a really special venue in London with great acoustics. Everyone was singing back to ‘Feel The Love’, which was mindblowing. Score: 10

2. Craziest Show You’ve Ever Played?
Probably at the Lowlands Festival in Holland. To see people in a different country turn up for us was great. It was a DJ set and they seemed to buzz off everything we played. There were a few members of the crowd trying to jump over the barriers and the bouncers had to hold them back. That was weird because we’re not used to all this stardom! Score: 5

3. Biggest Party Animal In Your Group?
The other DJ, Leon Locksmith is the champion. One time at Outlook Festival in Croatia, I was walking around a random campsite at nine in the morning and [Leon] was still partying with some new friends he’d just made. I just joined in. Then we had to go DJ at a boat party at about 12 o’clock. We were all running on wartime energy, which is extra adrenaline that you are meant to use in war but we use during DJ sets when we get no sleep! Score: 10

4. Biggest Night You’ve Ever Had On Tour?
We’ve had so many! This summer’s been one big party because we’ve never done it before. But Outlook was one of those epic parties where we didn’t sleep. We had to DJ at a boat party at midday, and by 5pm we’d all crashed. Everyone on the boat was going crazy, singing Rudimental songs, and then they came off the boat and we’re partying on the beach. It was good fun. Score: 5

5. Worse Tour Injury Suffered?
I tore a ligament playing football last year. Then, one night I had a James Brown-style dance off with [singer] John Newman, and I tore it again. But I won the dance competition! I had an operation about two weeks ago so it’s still painful but it’s cool. Score: 10

6. Craziest Fan Experience?
I’ve seen a tattoo of ‘Feel The Love’ on a dude’s bum. That was a bit freaky when he showed it to us. Haven’t seen any on girls yet. Maybe we have a unique market for men bum tattoos. Score: 10

7. Weirdest thing You’ve Seen In The Crowd?
I’ve seen someone do a handstand. Doing handstands to drum ‘n’ bass is a weird dance move. We get some crazy party fans. One guy at the front was in his boxers with Rudimental stickers on his nipples. He was just staring at us, which was freaky. Score: 10

8. How Many Flights Have You Missed?
We missed one in Ibiza. Leon had gone partying with the guy who was meant to drop us off at the airport in the morning. The guy didn’t wake up so we were late. Ibiza sucks you in and you can’t go home. Score: 5

9. Ever Had A Show Shut Down?
I don’t think we have. We’ve had some noise restrictions and we’ve had the crowd shout for us to turn it up. At Brixton Academy, there was a fight between two girls during ‘Feel The Love’. There was some irony in that. Score: 5

10. Ever Had A Run-In With The Cops?

No, but I’m not saying no in the future. It’s just a matter of time! Score: 0



10-20: Driving Miss Daisy

30-40: Cruise Control

50-60: Slippery When Wet

70-80: Fast, Occasionally Furious

90-100: Out Of Control

110: Highway To Hell

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Rudimental are playing the Future Music festival in Australia in March – full details here.

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