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As a result of social distancing, many photographers have lost their main income source and face an uncertain future whilst on lockdown.

Many of us are suffering financially.

This crisis has hit hard – especially for those who do their work amidst sweaty crowds of music fans – capturing those iconic images of the artists we love.

In response, a collective have created a website for some of the most talented music photographers in the country to showcase their work and generate income through the direct sale of prints. Most of these images have never been made available before and we reckon they would look great hanging on your walls!!

Click on the link below to check out these amazing images – any purchase will make a huge difference and you might just find the perfect gift for yourself or that music lover in your life.

We had a quick chat with each of the photographers involved in the project –

Here’s part nine of the series…

Peter Dovgan: I use to borrow my fathers SLR’s Canon AE1 & T70 for my backpacking holidays around the world in the 80s and occasionally snap some bands for fun (not very good shots). Jump 30 years and after using point and shoots I purchased my first DSLR Canon 1000D and I use to sneak it into festivals. I started to wonder how those pit photographers scored a “photo pass”. I found blogs on “how to score a photo pass” and before I knew it I was shooting bands. This totally changed my life and career.

Question 1. First band you saw live?

Pete:  The Sweet @ Hordern Pavilion 18th August 1975.

Question 2. Favourite Venue?

Pete:  Oxford Art Factory. I have discovered so many new bands @ OAF and lost count how many bands I have shot there!

Question 3. Dead or Alive who would be your dream shoot?

Pete:  David Bowie on his Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars tour 1972/73

Question 4. What was your first published live music photo?

Pete: Lissie @ OAF 17th May 2011.

Question 5. All time favourite gig you have photographed?

Pete: Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Metro Theatre 22nd January 2013.

2013 Highly Commended NME Music Photography Awards

Question 6. Who is your favourite photographer any genre?

Pete: Mick Rock

Jim Marshall

Question 7. What is your current guilty pleasure?

Pete: Negroni with grapefruit crushed ice.

Question 8. Did Carol Baskin feed her husband to her tigers?

Pete: Hell Yeah!

Question 9. Lock down challenge! What new skill will you learn?

Pete: With no Live Music, Sport or Corporate Photography I have been shooting a genre that is totally new to me “Photo Journalism” for local photo agency Learning on the job with images already published in The Guardian, Daily Mail, ABC and SBS etc related to COVID-19.

Question 10. If the world ended tomorrow what would be your last meal?

Pete:   Margherita’s spaghetti marinara.

You can check out all Pete’s images on the links below.

Instagram: petedov

Please check out the website – have a look around and if you’d like to purchase an image or see more of the photographer’s work – simply click on the photo and follow the prompts.

You’ll be making a significant difference to a photographer in lockdown.

Front page image by Maria Boyadgis.

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