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As a result of social distancing, many photographers have lost their main income source and face an uncertain future whilst on lockdown.

Many of us are suffering financially.

This crisis has hit hard – especially for those who do their work amidst sweaty crowds of music fans – capturing those iconic images of the artists we love.

In response, a collective have created a website for some of the most talented music photographers in the country to showcase their work and generate income through the direct sale of prints. Most of these images have never been made available before and we reckon they would look great hanging on your walls!!

Click on the link below to check out these amazing images – any purchase will make a huge difference and you might just find the perfect gift for yourself or that music lover in your life.

We had a quick chat with each of the photographers involved in the project –

Here’s part eight of the series…

Brittany Long: Simply Photographz- aka Brittany Long, I’m a Melbourne based live music photographer on wheels. Passionate about capturing the emotion and passion of an artist onstage I will literally do anything for my shots, whether that be butt shuffling up stairs, shooting from a barrier platform or the floor, anything. I am a shooter, reviewer and interviewer for several publications, primarily Girl at a Rock Show and AMNplify.

Question 1. First band you saw live?

Britt: I was actually a bit late to the whole music and going to concerts scene, but my first concert ever was The Chainsmokers at Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne in 2017.

Question 2. Favourite Venue?

Britt: The Forum Melbourne, not just for the elaborate design and theatre feel, but they also have the most beautiful stairs I’ve ever seen hands down, perfect for stair portraits.

Question 3. Dead or Alive who would be your dream shoot?

Britt: I’ll give you both. Freddie Mercury with Queen, especially being one of the photographers shooting that Live Aid set, hanging in a photo-pit off the stage! For alive it would have to be shooting Pink, the absolute dream would be getting to do portraits with her for sure. But there’s so many!

Question 4. What was your first published live music photo?

Britt: San Cisco at The Pier Bandroom in Frankston shot for AMNplify on 18th January 2019. My first gig on the probationary team. What happened after this show was my worst nightmare, something feared by every photographer I’d think. Upon import from my SD card to the computer I discovered all my photos were gone and spent the next couple of hours hysterical fearing I’d just screwed up the start of my music photography journey.Thankfully I managed to recover my shots though and have shot plenty more shows since.

Question 5. All time favourite gig you have photographed?

Britt: I’d say it would have to be Alice Cooper at Rod Laver Arena in February this year. I was so nervous because there’s something about shooting an arena for the first time and to have it be the ‘Prince of Darkness’ himself was truly unforgettable. A gig I’ll never forget both for the milestone and the artist himself!

Question 6. Who is your favourite photographer any genre?

Britt: I have an endless list of photographers who inspire me both in the music photography industry and outside of it. Special mentions to

Adam Elmakias

Pat Stevenson

Michelle Grace Hunder

Lady Drewniak

Question 7. What is your current guilty pleasure?

Britt: Sleeping until lunchtime and binge watching Netflix.

Question 8. If you met Scomo would you shake his hand or egg him?

Britt: One egg would not be sufficient.

Question 9. Lock down challenge! What new skill will you learn?

Britt: I actually don’t have much free time with uni and studying my bachelor of biomedical science. However I’m a chronic overshooter, so I’d love to learn film photography and learn about the restriction of waiting for that perfect shot when you can only take a limited amount of photos on a roll of film.

Question 10. If the world ended tomorrow what would be your last meal?

Britt: Chicken caesar salad and my nanna’s homemade apple strudel for dessert.

You can check out all Britt’s images on the links below.

Please check out the website – have a look around and if you’d like to purchase an image or see more of the photographer’s work – simply click on the photo and follow the prompts.

You’ll be making a significant difference to a photographer in lockdown.

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