The Drums latest record, Encyclopedia, almost never was


Oscillating between breezy beach-pop vibrations and dark lovesick introspection, New York duo Jonathon Pierce and Jacob Graham have never disappointed when it comes to gracing fans with their effortlessly catchy take on indie pop.

Things began brightly for the band when Jonathon and Jacob, childhood friends and former musical collaborators, reconnected in 2008. Relocating to Brooklyn the pair recruited guitarist Adam Kessler and percussionist Connor Hanwick.

The Drums were born.


Inspired by the indie sounds of 80s Manchester acts like The Smiths, The Wake and New Order the group’s combination of infectiously jangly guitar, bouncy rhythms, electro pop hooks and heartbreaking vocals saw The Drums catapulted to unanticipated levels of fame. Gliding on a wave of success fuelled by summer anthem ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ the quartet were lauded as one of the fastest rising indie bands. Buzz reached fever pitch with 2009 debut EP Summertime.

Stripping back the euphoria with tracks like ‘Money’ the group followed up with their darker self-titled album in 2010. With the bleaker tone of their debut foreshadowing things to come, The Drum’s halcyon days of came to a close when Adam Kessler walked away from the band later that year. Pushing onwards the trio released Portamento in 2011 but further turmoil was just around the corner. Exhausted from nearly five years of prolific touring the band was again wracked with internal strife in 2012 when Connor Hanwick also made a shock decision to leave the band. Hanwick’s action prompted Jonathan and Jacob to question whether there was any future for the band.


After a period of hiatus the two remaining bandmates reconvened in 2014. Meeting in a secluded cabin in upstate New York Jonathon and Jacob rekindled a shared passion for making music. The two decided to remain together and took the opportunity to work on a number of tracks which were spun into the beginnings of 2014’s Encyclopedia. The release of their third album marked a new chapter in band’s history. Undiminished by the tumultuous years past The Drums continue to serve up summer speckled indie pop interlaced with moments of darkness.


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New York City's the Drums are half jangly '80s-style indie pop and half twangy '50s-inspired surf rock. One night in 2015, they tore through London's KOKO like we've never seen before.

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