Well Played: The Best Clips of the Week – Paul McCartney, Jim James & more


TV heads, monster tractors, doppelgangers and Johnny Depp… they're just some of the head-turning sights in our round-up of the week's most compelling clips (and one clanger). 

Paul McCartney – Queenie Eye

Taking celebrity cameos to ridiculous lengths, Sir Paul's new video sees him joined by A-listers including Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, Chris Pine, Alice Eve and more. In Abbey Road Studios, no less. Truth be told, this is probably just a usual Saturday night for Paul. With that much star power, he should have recorded a charity single while he was there just in time for Christmas.

Jim James – State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.)

The newie from My Morning Jacket’s frontman Jim James takes the term ‘square eyes’ literally as a dapper man with a TV for a head roams the streets. Strikingly shot, it’s a transfixing accompaniment to James’ achingly sombre tune.

Dustin Tebbutt – 'Where I Find You'

We love this video for two reasons. First, we’re big fans of the Sydney singer-songwriter’s tender  folk, and second, this video was filmed by Moshcam’s very own video producer Marcus Coblyn. The pair shot found footage of moon landings, mountain ranges and machines through a block of ice, using time-lapse to capture it slowly melting. It’s a nice effect and one that deftly mirrors the cozy, wintry melancholy that runs through the song.

Arcade Fire – 'Normal Person' (live on The Colbert Report)

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you'll know Arcade Fire are back with a bang, a new guise (The Reflektors) and… big heads. Earlier this week the indie rockers were joined on The Colbert Report by a gang of bobble head-mask clad doppelgangers (including one of Stephen Colbert himself) to perform an absolutely explosive version of 'Normal Person'. Among other bizzare onstage happenings, look out for the curious bull-like mascot sporting a Miley-esque giant, foam hand.

Arctic Monkeys – 'One For The Road'

In their latest video, The Arctic Monkeys find themselves in the most bizarre of situations for the dapper neo-punk rockers: driving tractors around a dusty farmyard. While guitarist Jamie Cook seems to be taking a shine to the whole situation, it looks to be making pompadour sporting frontman Alex Turner rather uneasy… until a group of models show up to join the party, that is.

And the Crap Clip of the Week award goes to….

Azealia Banks – ATM Jam ft. Pharrell

The new clip from potty-mouthed rapper Azealia Banks isn’t god-awful, just boringly predictable with its crazy outfits, mad cars, mad cribs and the obligatory “bad ass bitches” writhing in bikinis. Still, it’s better than the song itself, which is startlingly sub-par for both Ms Banks and guest star Pharrell Williams. It does go longer than some of her recent live sets though!

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