Captured: Photographers in lockdown – Pat O’Hara


As a result of social distancing, many photographers have lost their main income source and face an uncertain future whilst on lockdown.

Many of us are suffering financially.

This crisis has hit hard – especially for those who do their work amidst sweaty crowds of music fans – capturing those iconic images of the artists we love.

In response, a collective have created a website for some of the most talented music photographers in the country to showcase their work and generate income through the direct sale of prints. Most of these images have never been made available before and we reckon they would look great hanging on your walls!!

Click on the link below to check out these amazing images – any purchase will make a huge difference and you might just find the perfect gift for yourself or that music lover in your life.

We had a quick chat with each of the photographers involved in the project –

Here’s part six of the series…

Pat O’Hara: I’m a touring music photographer, based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I’ve been shooting live music for close to 5 years now. I’d rather be fighting the crowd to get that perfect shot than sectioned off from them.

Ten questions with Pat

Question 1. First band you saw live?

Pat:  Technically the first band I saw live was The Wiggles in 2000 but besides that I think it would be U2 on their 360 Tour in 2010. U2 are my dad’s favourite band so although I didn’t appreciate it at the time, it was a gigantic scale gig.

Question 2. Favourite Venue?

Pat:  Easy question, Rad Bar in Wollongong (RIP). A glorified broom closet that should never have been allowed to host half the gigs it did but it created such an important community around it and was the starting place for so many huge Australian bands now. Sadly it got torn down last year but it was the most insane venue and will forever be my favourite

Question 3. Dead or Alive who would be your dream shoot?

Pat:  Probably Turnstile or Mumford & Sons. Turnstile’s live show is incredible and being able to capture their movement in a single image would be such an insane task. Mumford & Sons are in a similar category, but I just feel like their style of music lends itself to insane music photos.

Question 4. What was your first published live music photo?

Pat:  Oh no, I think it was Title Fight in 2015 at The Factory Theatre. No one told me about the three song rule so I spent two and a half of the first three songs just watching the band and freaking out.

Question 5. All time favourite gig you have photographed?

Pat:  Shooting Coldplay a few years ago was pretty insane. I think it was my first stadium shoot and ended up getting one of my favourite photos ever.

Question 6. Who is your favourite photographer any genre?

Pat:  This is the hardest question of them all and it’s a three way tie between Jack Rudder (, Mitch Strangman ( and Dani Hansen ( All of them capture the energy of a gig in such an incredible way, but each have their own distinct style.

Question 7. What is your current guilty pleasure?

Pat:  My current guilty pleasure is listening to old Irish folk music while reading my books in isolation. Can’t tell if I’m slowly going insane or if it’s just my heritage finally bleeding through.

Question 8. If you met Scomo would you shake his hand or egg him?

Pat:  Egg him with pleasure!

Question 9. Lock down challenge! What new skill will you learn?

Pat:  The aim is to hopefully learn how to develop and scan my own film negatives properly and consistently. I’ve already started giving it a crack, but I was using expired chemicals so the results came out a bit weird!

Question 10. If the world ended tomorrow what would be your last meal?

Pat:  It’s a close tie between a proper veal schnitzel with cranberry sauce or an authentic New York style pizza, that would be fucking insane.

Check out

You can check out all Pat’s images on the links below.

Please check out the website – have a look around and if you’d like to purchase an image or see more of the photographer’s work – simply click on the photo and follow the prompts.

You’ll be making a significant difference to a photographer in lockdown.


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