Hilltop Hoods @ Qudos Bank Arena 31st August 2019


Hilltop Hoods Nail It Again!

The Hilltop Hoods have been chasing that feeling since 2003 with their hit album ‘The Calling’ and their latest tour ‘The Great Expanse’, has once again delivered a thoroughly enjoyable, nostalgic experience. Qudos Bank Arena was the place to be Saturday night as 15,000 Sydney siders participated in the largest local Australian hip hop show of all time. Needless to say, the overall vibe of the concert was astounding, especially when coupled with the Hoods trademark energy and intensity.

Hilltop Hoods

Suffa, Pressure and Debris are all talented veterans of the live music scene and as such can consistently craft an electric atmosphere. This extends from their physical enthusiasm whilst performing, bouncing, waving and running all over the set. They are excellent at upholding a casual, fun environment joking on stage and challenging band members to perform push ups in front of the audience.Their ability to involve the crowd is masterful by starting chants, using phone lights and provoking the use of the Hilltop hand sign. This dynamic atmosphere was topped off by its fantastic special effects, especially with the use of fog machines, fire columns and a confetti gun.

Hilltop Hoods

The twenty-song set list contained a brilliant confluence of both classic and recent Hilltop Hoods tracks. Accompanying the Hoods was a long list of guests including Illy, Ecca Vandal, Nyassa and Montaigne. Older Australian hip hop heads would have also noticed Plutonic Lab from the 2008 ARIA nominated duo ‘Muph and Plutonic’ on drums. Crowd favourites included “The Nosebleed Section”, “I Love It”, “Exit Sign” and an extended “Cosby Sweater” containing a free style cypher from A.B Original’s Briggs.

Hilltop Hoods

For over two decades the Hilltop Hoods have been the leaders of Australian rap and hip hop, connecting with fans from all ages. With the recent releases of “I’m a Ghost”, “Clark Griswold” and “H is For…” it is fair to say that the iconic boys from Adelaide are contemplating their legacy and possibly even retirement. Get in while you still can, this is a show that cannot be missed!

Words by Darcy Stewart

Images by Amy Halpin

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