Skegss Talk About Their Upcoming EP Holiday Food, Touring Plans And Hanging With Dune Rats


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Ahead of their last show supporting Dune Rats on their The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit tour, we had a chat with Toby, Jonny and Ben from Skegss about their plans for after the tour, their new EP Holiday Food and touring Europe for the first time.


How’s the tour been?

Toby: It’s been real good.

Ben: It’s definitely the craziest tour we’ve ever been on. This stretch has been five shows back to back, so it’s been awesome. It’s awesome to keep the ball rolling and get to play shows every night. It’s been skitz.


Does it feel weird that this is the last show of the tour? Do you know what you’re going to do after this?

Toby: I think we’re going to rest for a couple weeks, then we’re going to Europe, and then we’re coming back and going straight into our own national tour.

Jonny: It is weird going home after tour. It feels like there is no one around, especially for the first couple of days.

Toby: I always get real sad at the end of a tour, I never want them to end.


What’s been the best part of this one?

Toby: I think meeting Zac [Carper] from Fidlar and becoming mates with him, that’s been super fun. They’re definitely an inspiration to us as a band.

Jonny: Just the fact that he doesn’t want to vomit when he watches us is sick.

Toby: And he’s into it as well, so it’s fucking sick. For him to give us compliments, we don’t even feel like we can take them, it’s so crazy. Just the fact that we’ve been able to do this whole thing with our mates has been unreal.


Has he been on the whole tour?

Toby: He missed the first couple shows but has been here for the rest.

Jonny: It sounds a bit sucky but I think it’s actually made us play a bit better too, it just gives us heaps of encouragement.

Toby: The dudes from Violent Soho were side stage the other night, and I could see them from the stage, so I was like ‘fuck don’t blow this’, and tried super hard.

Jonny: It’s been really nice getting encouragement from all these guys, it means so much.

Toby: We definitely got the encouragement award on the tour, everyone’s been like ‘good on ya guys, good stuff’.

Jonny: Maybe they all feel sorry for us.

Toby: This is like a completely different world for us as well. We’ve never played shows in venues this big, so that’s been awesome too. It’s all new for us.



It’s pretty obvious that you guys all support each other really well because for the whole tour you’ve all been wearing each other’s band t-shirts. Do you have any favourite band shirts?

 Jonny: Any Frenzal Rhomb shirt would have to be my favourite.

Toby: My favourite one would probably be….I actually really like this Gooch Palms shirt with the aliens that Kat designed. It’s a pretty cool one. I did have one but I lost it within about ten minutes so I might have to suss them out for another one. I have a Daniel Johnston shirt too that would be another favourite. But we wear all our mate’s shirts because they’re free, and it’s sick to be able to back your friends bands like that. The Dunies boys always wear our shirts, it’s sick.

Jonny: I reckon we’ve got to start charging those boys soon, because they I think they’re pinching heaps.

Toby: They do seem to have a new one of our shirts every day.

Jonny: I’m just going to buy them a thing of laundry powder and tell them to wash the ones they’ve got so they don’t take any more.


You guys are doing the London Calling festival in May, are you going to do any other shows over there?

Toby: Yeah, so the festival is in Amsterdam, it’s heaps confusing, but we’ll do a tour while we’re over there. We’re going to announce it this week. We’re doing about 20 shows in Europe, we’re going all over and for some reason the festival was the first thing that got announced, so that’s pretty exciting.


Have you toured Europe before?

Toby: Never, we’ve toured all sorts of weird places, but never Europe.


Is it daunting playing shows somewhere for the first time?

Ben: Nah, it’s more exciting I reckon.

Toby: Probably the first time we went on a tour we were a bit sketched out and didn’t know what to expect, but now who gives a fuck, we don’t even care if no one rocks up. We still get to play.

Toby: We’re doing all these shows for our EP Holiday Food that’s coming out, so that’s what we’ll be playing at the shows. And we’re going to do a tour home after Europe as well, it hasn’t been announced yet either.



Will it be a full national tour?

Jonny: Yep, going to do all the cities.

Toby: Except the ones that always miss out, like Tassie and Darwin. We might actually go to Darwin at some point…maybe.


Did you just slip that in to be nice to Darwin?

Toby: Yep.

Jonny: I’m actually heaps keen to go to Darwin.

Ben: I’m excited for that.

Toby: We’re not actually going to Darwin Benny.


How long was the EP in the works for?

Jonny: Two days.

Ben: Yeah we recorded it in two days.

Toby: We worked on it for about six months. We put out the Everyone’s Good At Something EP and we all liked it, but we knew we could do better, so right after that we wanted to make a bunch of new songs. We did it real quick, within three months of releasing that we were already recording our next EP, so we thought we may as well just put it out. It’s made us feel real stoked because it ran so smoothly, and we really felt like these were the best songs we have.

Jonny: There wasn’t as much hesitation as with the last one. I mean I like our last EP, but this one we’re really proud of.

Toby: When we listened back to it we were in the studio and sometimes we’ll listen back to something and be like ‘was that any good’ and we’re just not too sure, but with Holiday Food we were all just high-fiving and running around so stoked.

Holiday Food is out April 7 via Ratbag Records.

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