How Pat O’Hara won the January Moshcam Photo Award


We want to shout out and offer a huge congratulations to photographer Pat O’Hara for winning the January Moshcam Photography Award for his wicked photo of Nicholas Allbrook surfing atop a sea of manic punters at this year’s Laneway Festival.

Pat’s work wins him a $100 voucher and a bunch of film rolls from the legends at Rewind Photo Lab in Sydney.

Pat had no idea who Nicholas Allbrook even was prior to Laneway – but after he was told by several photographers that this was a show he couldn’t afford to miss, he made sure to be front and centre for the explosively strange solo set from the Pond frontman and former Tame Impala bassist.

For most of the set I was just kinda watching, cause Nick has such a weird stage presence.  Then he jumped down off the stage, and I was like, ‘OK – I should probably take a few photos of this.’  Then he stood up on the edge of the crowd and I can’t remember whether he jumped or he was pulled in – but suddenly he was lying on top of the crowd, throwing all these weird poses and shapes. 

When this happens at a show – there’s often a scrum of photographers crowding around trying to get that shot, so instead I took a step back and shot around them.  As he started to be carried along, his whole body turned so he was facing me for a couple clear frames.

I only managed to get a few shots, because I was laughing so hard, in awe of what he was doing.  He was being pulled further and further into the crowd and the microphone cord was starting to stretch – at which point he started trying to get back to the stage.  There didn’t seem to be any security guards around at the time, so Peter Dovgan [fellow photographer] and me were trying to help him out of the crowd, but mercifully a security guard stepped in and took over.

Check out our full Q&A with Pat here.

Big thanks and congratulations to the photographers who submitted incredible shots throughout December! Check out all the weekly winners here.

Runner Up: PJ Harvey, Charlyn Cameron

The Moshcam Photography Awards launched in June 2016 in order to reward excellence in live rock n’ roll photography, and is open to everyone and anyone!  The Awards have already seen thousands of incredible entries, with the winners on display here. A voting team comprised of industry photographers (Peter Dovgan, Belinda Dipalo and Josh Groom) and the Moshcam staff select four weekly winners to be featured on the Photography Awards page.

Runner Up: Gang of Youths, Rebecca Houlden

The panel then selects a monthly winner to win a prize from one of our industry sponsors. We’re excited to announce Rewind Photo Lab as our returning sponsor this month, providing a $100 voucher for each monthly winner. Get snapping now! For full details on how to enter – head here.

Runner Up: Glass Animals, Dave Kan.

All weekly winners also go in the running for exciting prizes at the Annual Award Ceremony to be held in Sydney later this year, with the winners determined by guest judges.

Cheers to the champions at Rewind Photo Lab for their support.  If you’re a photographer and haven’t checked em out yet – we highly recommend you do so – these guys are the best!

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