Five Metal Frontmen You Either Love or Hate


The metal scene (and just music in general) is no stranger to insanity, both on and off stage. While some of these end up being once-offs, there are more than a few characters who pull these crazy stunts on a regular basis, and ironically it’s become normal for us to witness. Here we take you through some of them where, like ’em or hate ’em, you can’t deny that they’re among the most dynamic vocalists you’ll ever meet.


Greg Puciato, The Dillinger Escape Plan


From an insane stage dive from 20 feet up to breathing fire over the crowd back in ’02 (ironically at Furnace Fest) during ‘43% Burnt’, and even shitting into a carrier bag and chucking it into a sea of horrified punters, the vocalist has never failed to stun fans – and we’re surprised he’s still standing. Nevertheless, he’s definitely still got it, with Dillinger having recently announced a new album Dissociation due out in October. Read our interview with the frontman here.


Maynard James Keenan, Tool


Tool’s leading man may have called the band’s fans “insufferable” last year, but with his renowned stage antics we’re not so sure they should be copping the flak. We don’t think Keenan’s colourful history will ever fade, especially since it includes stealing a gig-goer’s wallet and going on some pretty epic rants onstage. The frontman even rejected a fan’s attempt at a hug during ‘Push It’ by hip-tossing him, before applying a rear-naked choke and dry humping the guy… all while continuing the song. That’s one way you don’t use jiu-jitsu, Keenan.


Till Lindemann, Rammstein


The first thing to know about Lindemann: he’s a certified pyrotechnic. In fact, the legendary German metal band have even cancelled gigs because police told them to cut some of the flames from their live shows. He’s also been a part of some other raucous on-stage stunts, one of which actually landing him and fellow bandmate Christian Lorenz (keyboard) in jail on their ’98 Family Values Tour with Korn and Limp Bizkit. Let’s just say the incident involved a fake phallus.


Marilyn Manson


It’s no secret that Manson’s unhinged, and we’re fairly certain he prides himself on that. Take that time the musician invited a deaf groupie into the studio decades ago while recording B-sides for the single ‘Lunchbox’, asking her to strip down and don hot dogs and pig’s feet (yeah, you read right) before taking photos of her. Or when he dedicated ‘Disposable Teens’ to Michael Jackson’s 15-year-old daughter Paris, and pretended to slit his wrists after she actually cut hers… and all because she wasn’t allowed to go to a Manson gig. That was just three years ago.


Corey Taylor, Slipknot


While it’s well-known that the Slipknot frontman has done some pretty crazy shit and speaks his mind (cue all the ‘But what does Corey Taylor think’ jokes), a lot of the time he has good reason. For example, Taylor was nearly permanently banned from the infamous Rainbow Bar & Grill for tossing shot glasses at one of his idols, who apparently shattered his expectations first (and not in a good way). He’s also taken some heavy knocks in the past, falling off stage just this year while performing in Atlanta. Then he has a habit of either calling out, smacking or straight up evicting fans from shows. We’ll leave those ones up to you.

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