Opeth Talk Music Genres, The Album Format and More


In a new mini doco by FreqsTV, Opeth members Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson open up about the band, discussing musical genres, their unique approach to the songwriting process and their love of the album format.

In what may come as a surprise to long term fans, Åkerfeldt describes the band as “progressive”, in “the very truest sense of the word…we take influences from all types of music”.
“We started out being a death metal band…[but] if you would take vocals out of the equation…we’d just be a metal band, or a progressive metal band”.




The members also talk about their appreciation of releasing songs as an album format, rather than individual tracks. “We don’t know anything else than the album format. The sequencing is very important to us, in what order we put the songs”.

“It bothers me a lot that people would [only] listen to snippets on iTunes”.



Watch our live recording of the band performing at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre here

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Opeth is a Swedish heavy metal band from Stockholm, formed in 1990. Though the group has been through several personnel changes, singer, guitarist, and songwriter Mikael Åkerfeldt has remained Opeth’s driving force throughout the years. Opeth has spent over two decades steadily amassing a body of work that is at once possessed of a fervent

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