37 things you never want to see at a festival


From punished portaloos to suicidal circle pits to dudes in mankinis (Borat was seven years ago, dude), here's 37 sights you never, ever want to see at your favorite music festival. From the hilarious to the horrible, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted or the weak of stomach… 

1. Queues

2. Your parents (it's just awkward)

3. Your parents passed out (even more awkward)

Source: Austin Chronicle

4. Mud

5. Sniffer dogs (they make everyone nervous)

6. These guys in the drink queue

7. Seriously stupid stage dives

8. People constantly taking phone pics

9. Especially on their iPads

10. Your crowdsurfing photo going 'viral'

11. MGMT (they're awful live)

12. This guy's gurner face


13. Dagwood Dogs, Pluto Pups or any other canine-themed snack


14. Really tall guys

Source: Flavorwire.com

15. Paris Hilton DJing (run!)

Source: The Sun

16. A girl making out with a tree (and slapping it)

17. Inappropriate flashing

18. Your tent flooded

19. Your tent flying away

20. 'Interpretive dance'

21. Destroyed Portaloos

22. Really destroyed Portaloos

23. This guy jumping off your portaloo

Source: Baltimore Sun

24. Juggalos

25. This invention called a 'P-Tree' (ummm?)

26. Your grandma partying harder than you

27. Trolls

28. Guys who just won't stop hugging you

29. Insane circle pits (unless you're ready to rumble!)

30. Guys wearing bum bags

Source: Happy Place

31. Guys wearing mankinis

Source: Potato.ie

32. Guys wearing mankinis on other guys' shoulders

33. Guys wearing hair-kinis

34. Guys crowd-surfing… naked

Source: theblemish.com

35. Dickheads

Source:  Flickr / Garwing

36. A guy sliding into a girl urinating in the moshpit (!!!)


37. A lion

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