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Aussie singer-songwriter Josh Pyke knows a thing or two about our live video catalogue – he's in it. Moshcam filmed the troubadour's Sydney show back in 2009 and it's a great gig, full of sweet folksy goodness, sharp wit and hits like 'Middle Of The Hill' and 'Lighthouse Song'. When we asked Josh for his five favorite Moshcam live moments, he jumped at the chance and he didn't even pick his own gig. Needless to say, the man has good taste… 

1. The Jezabels – Prisoner (2011)

Such a great band! I had the pleasure of taking them on the road early in their career, and they're excellent people too. This clip shows how amazing they are live, and how very far they've come as world-class, exciting rock stars. Watch The Jezabels' full show

2. Daniel Johnston – Lost In My Infinite Memory (2010)

Such an intriguing artist. I've seen the doco about him, and caught a live set at SXSW one year. Fascinating musician, and an influential character, but a bit like watching a train crash too. Watch his full show

3. Cloud Control – Meditation song #2 (2009)

Another band I've taken out on tour, and fell in love with these songs every night. The chemistry on stage is just right, and it translates. Watch their full show

4. The Vines – Ride (2008)

I reckon The Vines are just an exciting band to watch live….you never know what's going to happen and Craig is one of the true rock stars that Australia has produced. Watch the full show

5. Trail of Dead – Another Morning Stoner (2009)

Trail of Dead are one of the most underrated bands in the world I reckon. ‘Another Morning Stoner’ is an amazing song, and had a massive impact on me as a young punk. However I'd missed them every time they’ve come to Australia, and so this clip goes some way toward rectifying that. I did finally manage to catch them in Texas one time, and it was a brilliant, cacophonous, drunken explosion of a gig. Watch the full show


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About Josh Pyke

Pyke signed to Australian indie label Ivy League Records in 2005 and his first release on the label was a mini-album entitled Feeding the Wolves. It features the single "Middle of the Hill", as well as second single "Private Education". Josh toured early in 2005 with Jebediah frontman, Bob Evans, aka Kevin Mitchell. Feeding the

About …Trail Of Dead

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (often abbreviated as Trail of Dead) is an American art rock band from Austin, Texas. According to the band's website, their name is taken from an ancient Mayan ritual chant which shows a striking similarity to an ancient Egyptian chant. However, this explanation is said

About The Jezabels

Australian quartet the Jezabels shimmer with their anthemic, empowering approach to indie pop. Comprised of singer Hayley Mary, guitarist Samuel Lockwood, pianist/keyboardist Heather Shannon, and drummer Nik Kaloper, the group formed in 2007 after meeting at the University of Sydney, though Mary and Lockwood knew each other previously, having both grown up in Byron Bay.

About Daniel Johnston

Daniel Dale Johnston is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and artist. Johnston was the subject of the 2006 documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston. He currently lives in Waller, Texas.

About The Vines

The Vines are an Australian rock band originally formed as Rishikesh in 1994 in Sydney. They play a musical hybrid of '60s garage rock and '90s alt music. Until 2011, their line-up consisted of vocalist and lead guitarist Craig Nicholls, rhythm guitarist Ryan Griffiths, bass guitarist Brad Heald and drummer Hamish Rosser. In December 2011,

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