The Jesus Lizard set to play in Brooklyn NY on New Years Eve 2020


Having formed way back in 1987 in Austin, TX – The Jesus Lizard went on to release a series of punishing, industrial noise-rock albums and brutally carved their bloody place into music history.

Their music is a visceral blend of piercing guitar, machine-like drums, concussive bass and truly psychotic vocals, often reminiscent of The Birthday Party. 

To close out the decade they will be making a very rare appearance at Brooklyn Steel, supported by Protomatyr.

The band is incredibly influential – having been cited as a favorite by such artists as Nirvana, Henry Rollins, Helmet and Fugazi.

Seminal – in the truest sense of the word – Pitchfork said of them, “the Jesus Lizard raised a bar that few bands have reached since…  rarely does a band have each member adding something essential to such a united, ferocious whole.”

Denison’s stinging guitar often served more as texture or coloring than as a melody instrument, while the rhythm section’s stops and starts were simultaneously precise and brutal.  David Yow, while appreciated as a very unique vocalist, is more often cited for his confrontational antics on-stage, often leaping into the crowd or taking off his clothes. He was also known to lick members of the crowd while climbing all over them and sometimes striking up conversation mid-song.

The Jesus Lizard last toured in 2018 to widespread critical acclaim and sold-out shows all across the U.S.

Get your tickets now for this very special show –



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