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Formed at art school in 1976 Mental As Anything are now commemorating the 40th anniversary of their first 1978 record ‘Mental As Anything Plays At Your Party.’

This selection of video clips, was recorded at Surfersaurus, Hillsdale Australia, October 2018, in front of a party crowd.

Long-time collaborator producer engineer Steve James (RocknRoll Music, Cyclone Raymond, 5 Track ep) has captured a fat and accurate audio signal and Moshcam with its multi camera production has caught the Mentals doing what they’ve been doing for over 40 years.

Over the next months Mental As Anything, in collaboration with Moshcam, will be releasing these new live video tracks of their greatest hits.

To learn about the upcoming releases and have Greedy pester you as to when they are available join the Mental As Anything Facebook group at .


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Watch The Clip for This Month – Dance With You


Story Behind Dance With You 

In this clip Greedy tells the story behind this month’s track – Dance With You


The present line-up of the band is led by founding member Greedy Smith, together with ex-Atlantics guitarist Martin Cilia, drummer Jacob Cook, guitarist/vocalist Craig Gordon and bassist/vocalist Peter Gray.

Greedy is keen to show off this latest version of the Mentals to display their reverence for the original recordings and turning out fine new original material.

What is sometimes forgotten is the importance of the songs of the Mentals. From The Nips Are Getting Bigger, Come Around, If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too and Too Many Times, through Live It Up, You’re So Strong and Let’s Cook, these are the songs that are a soundtrack to Australia. Brilliantly crafted pop hits that evoke wonderful memories. Their 25 Top 40 charting songs were for a long time a record for an Australian band and are a wonderful illustration of the depth of their catalogue and their song-writing ability. 



Executive Producer: Andrew Greedy Smith 

Executive Producer (Moshcam): Will Berryman 

Director: Josh Groom  

Audio Production: Steve James  

Editor: Aaron Petersen  

Digital Production: Chuck Smeeton 

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