Taylor Swift is the greatest Popstar on the planet


On Friday night the Taylor Swift show came to town and it was magnificent.  Playing to an enthusiastic audience of all ages at ANZ Stadium, the Reputation Tour delivered on all levels.   New Zealand electro pop band Broods got the crowd vibe going followed by English pop sensation Charlie XCX, who kept the fans dancing.

Despite an electrical storm delaying the show and everyone getting thoroughly soaked, Taylor emerged onstage cloaked in darkness to the sound of Joan Jett’s ‘Bad Reputation’.  All was forgiven and the crowd went wild.  Starting with her hit singles ‘Ready For It’ and then ‘I did Something Bad’, the stage was a shimmering extravaganza of lights, dancers and monster sized screens.  This is what the Swifty’s paid for and they weren’t disappointed.

With everyone now thoroughly soaked, the show went on and she was loving it, serving up her fans with all their favourite songs from her vast repertoire.  The entrance of giant snakes onstage to the song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ hit a note with the crowd, a not so subtle swipe at Kanye and the Kardashians for those in the know.

The show stepped up a notch when she entered a shiny birdcage, transporting her halfway down the stadium floor.  As we turned to follow her descent through the air, the stadium was back lit with the fans flashing wristbands, creating a spectacular multi-coloured backdrop.  Crowd favourite, ‘Shake It Off’ kept everyone singing and dancing.  With the rain subsiding she played a beautiful acoustic version of ‘22’.  Her personal and poignant lyrics appealing to all.

Stadium shows can sometimes feel impersonal.  Taylor Swift made sure it wasn’t, seemingly singing and connecting with each of her fans, despite the show being at the end of a gruelingly long tour.  The stage, screen, snakes, band, singers, dancers and that damn rain certainly made it a night for everyone to remember.

Words by Michael Dovgan.

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