Pendulum Go Instrumental


Words by Brendan Delavere.


‘It’s a Tuesday, I’ll drink to that’.

It’s the last show of their first tour in almost eight years for drum & bass act Pendulum, and the Enmore Theatre is teeming with punters and ravers.

The sole support act, electrock duo Earthlings gave the PA a solid warm up, belting out a mash up of drum and bass, indie anthems and EDM. Mixing it up between smashing out on the electronic drum kit and bouncing front of stage like the Energizer Bunny.

The set would have been a perfect opener had the house lights been turned down, alas the crowd were preoccupied with beers and banter.

It’s said you should arrive with a bang, and what a banger. Blasting out the speakers with ‘Salt In The Wounds’ the floor was pumping from the get go. Seizure inducing strobes illuminated the Enmore, bodies twisting and contorting to the beat, the silhouetted four piece danced across the stage.

Barely an hour prior to doors we were informed that frontman Rob Swire had suffered a vocal hemorrhage, meaning he would be unable to sing let alone speak. This news didn’t deter many as the floor heaved with the sheer numbers of bodies jumping to the booming dance anthems in ‘Witchcraft’ and ‘Granite’.

As the static patterns swirled on the screen behind, the Enmore Theatre sweated it out on this cold winter night, the whole room lending their voices to make up for the voiceless front man, ‘Blood Sugar’ with a snippet of ‘Voodoo People’ completed by the full capacity room.

‘Propane Nightmares’, ‘Hold Your Colour’ and the hard reggae beat of ‘Tarantula’ rounded out the set, the floor of the Enmore absolutely bouncing, the entire balcony out of their seat, grooving and moving in the aisles.

A short departure from stage, barely enough for the crowd to call for an encore, the band were back to serve up one of the best remixes in modern times, the ‘ABC News Theme Remix’, never has current affairs been so dance worthy.

Leaving with ‘Watercolour’ and if Gareth McGrillen’s final words are to go by, we won’t be waiting another eight years to catch one of Australia’s best electro acts.

Check out all the photos by Josh Groom below –

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