Instrumental rock band from Wellington, Hiboux – on their 2017 Australian tour – came by Def Wolf Studios in Sydney for a very special Moshcam Studio Session.

Here’s the first recording from that session, ‘From The Good Mountain.’

The band said, “This track marks a new era in songwriting for Hiboux. For our next release we are aiming to further perfect our control over dynamic, create more fluid transitions, evoke more emotion, and write higher quality music than we have before. Our recording process will be further refined this time too. So as a small taste of what is to come, please enjoy this live take of From the Good Mountain.”


Here’s the second epic track from the session, ‘Aphasia.’

The band said, “Since writing this song for the album, we’ve performed it countless times. The song has grown & developed, and so now the live version of Aphasia is our favourite. Please enjoy this special Moshcam studio session.”




Directed and Edited by Josh Groom.
Videography by Peter Dovgan, James O’Connor, Damien Stacey, Madeleine Milasas & Josh Groom.
Audio Record by Mark Matula at Def Wolf Studios.
Sound Mix by Daniel Antix at Def Wolf Studios.
A Moshcam Production, 2017.

Live feature photo by Alana Stock.

HIBOUX is: Lester Litchfield, Declan Bailey, Duncan Nairn, Bern Stock and Tom Doesburg.








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