The 10 Best Live Performances on Jools Holland


Mr Jools Holland has a back catalogue to rival our own, and on his birthday we’ve picked out some of the best acts to appear on his show.


1. Kings of Leon, ‘The Bucket’

Back when the Kings were nothing but Southern teens singing about booze and darts. Here ‘The Bucket’ is played with perfection, in fact maybe a bit too well when you consider how close it is to the album version. What happened to these guys? Here’s an idea…



2. The Hives, ‘Hate To Say I Told You So’

Donning their signature penguins tuxedos and tophats, Swedish punks The Hives deliver their massive single 12 years after their first appearance on the show.



3. The Raconteurs, ‘Consoler of the Lonely’

Jack White has made plenty of appearances on Jools Holland. With The White Stripes, solo and with The Dead Weather, but it’s this performance with The Raconteurs that stands above the rest. Catch Nick Cave at 1:22.



4. Kanye West, ‘New Slaves’

When Kanye West brought his already minimalist album Yeezus to Jools, he stripped it back even further, providing a surprisingly vulnerable insight into his music. ‘New Slaves’ was the highpoint of the performance, trading in the original electro backing track for a simple piano line, and backing vocals from everyone’s favourite uncle.



5. Iggy Pop (and pals), ‘Lust for Life’

Iggy Pop performing his classic track with Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys), Dean Fertita (The Dead Weather) and other famous faces. What else needs to be said?!



6. Future Islands, ‘Seasons (Waiting On You)’

Just when you think no one can top Iggy’s dance moves, Samuel T Herring pops up to give you crazy eyes. Seriously, the dude is an amazing performer, and screams and flails his way through this track, giving it even more energy than the original recording.



7. Radiohead, ‘Paranoid Android’

Radiohead are perhaps the only band to rival Jack White for number of appearances on Jools Holland. Their performance of magnum opus ‘Paranoid Android’ is a definite highpoint though, as the band flawlessly work their way through the various sections of the track, effortlessly pulling off each better than the last.



8. Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings, ‘100 Days, 100 Nights’.

Rest in Peace Sharon Jones. If you’re wondering what all the hype was about, then watch this incredible powerhouse performance of the band’s top single, and you’ll be instantly won over.



9. Alabama Shakes, ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’

If you’ve heard all the hype about frontwoman Brittany Howard but never believed it, here’s your sweet humble pie – tuck in.



10. Tame Impala, ‘The Less I Know The Better’

One of the most spacey interpretations of the song we’ve heard. While the bass is always the backbone of this song, it’s really turned up a notch for this rendition.


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