Signature Brews – 9 Times Bands and Booze Met


In what is fast becoming a regular trend, two beloved acts have announced the release of their own beer this week.

It’s thirsty work being one of Australia’s most loved bands, but Violent Soho have managed to pull themselves away from relentless touring for five minutes to live everyone’s wildest fantasy of designing a signature beer.

The Mansfield group have recently announced a partnership with Byron Bay NSW brewery Stone & Wood to release a pilot batch aptly named the East Coast Crusher, which will be launched at a series of parties around Australia.

On top of that, the act once dubbed the “Radiohead of Metal”, aka Sacramento’s very own Deftones, have been honoured by the San Diego based Belching Beaver Brewery with a drop named Phantom Bride IPA.
The beer will be shipped to outlets across the US, and officially launched at a special tasting in California. 

In celebration, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to revisit some standout band and brewery collaborations…


Violent Soho, Stone and Wood

It’s no secret that Violent Soho have had a deeply entrenched love for Stone & Wood for many years, having featured three cases of their favourite drop being stacked in a trolley in the Dope Calypso music video back in 2013. Apparently the feelings are mutual because Stone & Wood hit up the boys, and now we get to reap the satisfying rewards.

The East Coast Crusher is described as an unfiltered Kosch brew, made from all Australian hops, with a punchy floral taste and a refreshing, crisp bitterness. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will all get a taste on Thursday 13 October at various free launch parties at some of the country’s most beloved pubs, before the beer is stocked on the Stone & Wood website later in the month.

violent soho stone and wood


Deftones, Belching Beaver

Deftones have some of the most die-hard, long term, obsessive fans, so giving them a delicious brew to enjoy whilst enjoying the bands latest masterpiece ‘Gore’ makes a thousand per cent sense. Naming the beer the Phantom Bride after one of the highlights of the aforementioned album just sweetens the deal.

Frontman Chino Moreno is a self confessed beer connoisseur, so he took the lead on the project by hand picking Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hops to create a West Coast-style India Pale Ale. The beer will be shipped to outlets across the US from October 3, and officially launched at a tasting in Fullerton, California on October 5.


Iron Maiden, Robinsons

Lead singer, Bruce Dickinson, is a known ale aficionado and said to have had a huge, hands-on role in the creation of Iron Maiden’s very own beer Trooper.

Originally released in 2013 as a partnership with UK brewery Robinsons, Trooper then went on to be distributed across the world and now is a certified label under the Robinsons umbrella.

Only a few weeks ago, a third premium British beer in the collection was released: Red N Black.



DZ Deathrays, Young Henrys

Although beer isn’t always their substance of choice, Brisbane’s thrash duo DZ Deathrays leapt into the world of boutique brewing earlier this year when they launched a signature ale called Pils N Thrills.

The no frills, no fuss beer was brought to us by Young Henrys, a Newtown company who managed to reign in the duo’s madness to present us with a clean Czech pilsner (get it?) made for drinking out of both pints and shoes.

Pils N Thrills was launched earlier this year in April at Brisbane’s The Blurst of Times festival but is still available for a limited time at selected spots around Australia.



Pig Destoyer, 3 Floyds Brewing Co.

One of the more well-received band and beer combinations comes from American grindcore outfit Pig Destroyer, with their unique brew Permanent Funeral.

The pale ale was made in 2013 with a little help from their friends at Indiana-based brewery 3 Floyds, and is one of the highest rated beers to come from a musical collaboration. Despite the name, Permanent Funeral is said to bring joy to all with a bright, aromatic taste, fruity scent and minimal foam.

Also, the label features a creature’s bleeding head with a sword going through it, so there’s that.


AC/DC, Karlsberg

One of the stranger brews in this list comes from rock legends AC/DC and their heavily branded pale lager, made in collaboration with Karlsberg and discount supermarket ALDI. Yep, you read that right.

Nestled amongst $4 ciders that look suspiciously like Rekorderlig and cheap award-winning wine, you’ll find the legendary band’s own line of beer, complete with a design paying homage to their 17th album and correlating world tour Rock or Bust.

Having only been released for a short time last year, a quick Google search tells me AC/DC have moved onto bigger and possibly better things (see below) but a few cans are left floating around Ebay for die-hard fans.



AC/DC, Fabrica de Tequilas Finos

2016 has been a weird year, and it’s only going to get weirder once AC/DC release their own bottle of tequila… because what says roll and rock more than taking a shot, desperately licking salt off the back of your hand and dousing your mouth in lime to numb the pain?

Thunderstruck Tequila is available for pre-orders now through Hi-Time Wine Cellars, and will come in three different variations: Thunderstruck Reposado, packed with intense agave flavours, Thunderstruck Silver, a delicate but spicy spirit, and Thunderstruck Anejo, made with 100% blue agave and oak-derived vanilla. Interesting.



Frenzal Rhomb, Young Henrys

In 1997, there was Ship of Beers. In 1999, there was Let’s Drink A Beer. In 2014, the scrappy punk band ditched writing another song about beer and went one step further to actually brew their own.

Teaming up with Young Henrys, Frenzal Rhomb came up with a Belgium pale ale that also happened to be both wheat-free and vegan.

The beer, shamelessly titled Frenzal Rhomb: The Beer, enjoyed a healthy amount of time being served at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne for Good Beer Week.

Here’s the only time Frenzal Rhomb have had as much fun…



Anthrax, Jefferson’s

Anthrax are most known for being one of the ‘Big Four’ bands who spent years evolving thrash metal into the genre it is today, and selling over 10 million records worldwide, so there’s no surprise they decided to go ahead and release bottles of $100 signature bourbon to revel in their success.

Indians, named after their 1987 song, is a limited edition single barrel bourbon made exclusively for the band in 2014.

The spirit did so well that Anthrax and Jefferson’s followed it up the next year with a second small-batch bourbon called The Devil You Know – a rich barrel, aged for nine years and chosen by the band at a taste testing amidst writing their latest album For All Kings.

anthrax bourbon

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