12 Best TV Cameos by Musicians


David Bowie, Extras

How could we start this list with anything else?



The Ramones, The Simpsons

There have been so many musician cameos on The Simpsons that we could easily dedicate this whole list to them, but The Ramones’ appearance takes the cake.



My Morning Jacket, American Dad

Whilst most of the bands on this list make fleeting appearances, psych-rockers My Morning Jacket feature heavily in this episode, as Stan becomes obsessed with the band.



Art Garfunkel, Flight of the Conchords

When times get particularly tough for Jermaine, he ends up ‘Garfunkeling’ which is, for the uninitiated, dressing up as and pretending to be Art Garfunkel for an obsessed fan. Luckily, the man himself shows up to get Jermaine out of trouble.



RadioheadSouth Park



Beck, Futurama

Tell me you can’t imagine Beck including a three hour washboard solo in a song.



Sonic Youth, Gossip Girl

Although you might not imagine it, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon were huge fans of Gossip Girl, telling Rolling Stone “Kim and I are pretty fanatical viewers of the show…It’s sort of our dose of Shakespeare every week.” The dream came true for the pair, and Sonic Youth performed a stripped back version of ‘Star Power’ on the show as a wedding band.



Marilyn Manson, Californication

Not the best influence for kids…



Ice Cube, Sesame Street

Mr Cube is pretty good at magic tricks.



Alice Cooper, That ’70s Show

When not writing music or teaching history, he just wants to slay dragons…



Kings of Leon, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia



The Decemberists/The Shins/Sleater-Kinney, Portlandia 

Quite possibly the indiest fictional band of all time…


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