BABYMETAL To Support The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s UK Tour


If you’re yet to hear of BABYMETAL, then consider yourself lucky. Don’t take that the wrong way, they’re amazing.

In fact they’re such a gorgeous enigma that I’d give anything to go back and experience them for the first time again.

The heavy metal J-pop band is made up of three destructive divas that go by Su-metal (18), Yuimetal (17) and Moametal (17). Their rapid rise in both the underground-cult music scene as we all as some niche mainstream momentum in the eastern world has seen no other than the Red Hot Chili Peppers pick them up as support for their UK tour.

They may look innocent enough, but don’t let that video fool you. Save your breath for the below installment. Titled ‘Gimme Chocolate’ it’s going to be a sway-along-cupcake-filled track with a video featuring rainbows and unicorns right? Maybe best to watch their appearance on the Colbert show first.




Need more already? We understand. Here’s ‘Karate’.



The bombardment of noise and shock is best shown off with this video. Because what’s better than reacting to Babymetal? Watching someone else react to Babymetal…


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