Watch Keith Moon’s Drum Kit Explode


It seems whenever Keith Moon (The Who) or John Bonham’s (Led Zeppelin) birthday rolls around, a fruitless argument about who the better drummer was erupts. If you’ve managed to avoid one of these debates that can be compared to the ‘chicken or the egg’ ageless question, then well done, you’ve still yet to waste part of your life. Otherwise, if you’re desperate, the YouTube comments section is always a great place to start.

Focusing on the magic that was Keith Moon on what would’ve been his 70th birthday, we’ve tracked down of his most infamous moments. In what was their national TV debut, the London four-piece were looking to make an impression. To quote the video…

“The band was due to mark the end of ‘My Generation’, with the usual smoke and instrument smashing, but always the showman, Keith Moon was planning to go further than ever before, with 10 times the standard amount of gun powder hidden in his bass drum.”


You heard that correctly, Pete Townshend’s hearing has supposedly never been the same.

It’s no secret that Moon was a character and a half. Friends of his tell tales how his energy was full throttle and non-stop. Here’s Alice Cooper just scraping the surface on some of Keith’s most outlandish adventures. In a must listen, some of these are just plain ridiculous.


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