Watch Stranger Things’ Mike Cover Nirvana’s Lithium


As if you needed another reason to love Netflix’s new hit series Stranger Things, child actor Finn Wolfhard (aka Mike) also appears to be quite the guitar virtuoso, posting footage to Twitter of himself jamming out to Nirvana‘s ‘Lithium’. With a name like Finn Wolfhard, you pretty much have to become an actor or a musician, so it makes sense to try your hand at both.


Music seems to be a common interest amongst the cast, with actor Joe Keery (aka Steve, aka young Jean-Ralphio) also playing in a Tame Impala-esque psych rock band called Post Animal.  Check out a bunch of their songs on Bandcamp


Finally, Aussie musician Luke Million has also been getting love from all around the world with his epic, synth-y cover/remix of the Stranger Things theme. Watch him jam out the song below, or check out a new extended version of the theme on his Facebook page.

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