A Ranking of ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2’ Tracks


Just two days ago, a 48 year old Tony Hawk landed another 900 – quite possibly his last ever. Here it is in all its dizzy glory…


The stunt had us taking a stroll down memory lane and revisiting those famous game soundtracks. For teens and younger, growing up on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater became a prerequisite for choosing your friends, and at the same time, moulded music tastes worldwide.

While the punk infused soundtracks are often pinned against each other, the second instalment is a clear winner for us. For nostalgias sake, here we try to rank the 15 tracks from least memorable, to forever engrained.


15. Styles Of Beyond ‘Subculture’


An addictive beat, but it’s a passenger compared to the fierce competition.


14. Fu Manchu ‘Evil Eye’


This a great track, but again, it’s on a unfortunately appearing on a firey lineup, so will have to settle in at number 14.


13. Swingin’ Utters ‘Five Lessons Learned’


The gradual guitar intro in this track guides the vocals along in a hand-in-hand fashion, making it a head smasher like no other.


12. Dub Pistols ‘Cyclone’


“Here are the thrill seekers, corrupt and immoral.” That intro will be etched into my memory forever. That and the chorus filled out with a wavy trumpet fade make this track a memorable one.


11. Papa Roach ‘Blood Brothers’


In an extensive Papa Roach catalogue, this song isn’t their biggest hit, but in this context, it’s a classic. This live rendition shows that its how the song is meant to be enjoyed. Still, the studio recording comes out better than amazing, and isn’t our of place on the soundtrack.


10. Powerman 5000 ‘When Worlds Collide’


Not necessarily a one hit wonder as Powerman 5000 released an album as late as 2014, but this song comes to mind when you mention their name. Regardless, its a heavy track with a heavier music video to match.


9. Naughty By Nature ‘Pin The Tail On The Donkey’


These guys need no introduction. Beat wise, this track is as cool as they come. A steady flow throughout that sounds like it was written for a skateboarding montage.


8. Consumed ‘Heavy Metal Winner’


Another scream along track. Consumed’s ‘Heavy Metal Winner’ is one you can belt out, and would have if you ever cleared a level, grinded longer than humanly possible, or beat a friends top score.


7. Alley Life feat. Black Planet ‘Out With The Old’


Another mix of hip-hop infused punk that was more than popular at the time. A fuzzy riff acts as the backbone for Alley Life’s ‘Out With  The Old’, we’re just wondering why the genres don’t continue to experiment these days.


6. The High & Mighty feat. Mos Def & Mad Skillz ‘B-Boy Document 99’


I’ll forever cite this track as one of the best hip hop beats out. With Mos Def over the top, it’s a proven formula for success. Combine that with Tony Hawk 2 and you’ve setup life long memories.


5. Lagwagon ‘May 16’


The Californian Lagwagon are still tearing up stages to this day. This remains their biggest hit and rounds out our top five.


4. Anthrax feat. Chuck D of Public Enemy ‘Bring The Noise’


We’re not sure how Anthrax and Public Enemy came to work together, but we’re sure glad they did. For many, this would be the first song that springs to mind when you think of the Tony Hawk gaming enterprise, and that’s totally fine by us. Check out our interview with Anthrax’s goatee legend, Scott Ian here.


3. Rage Against The Machine ‘Guerilla Radio’


You know it’s a competitive list when Rage don’t take out the number one spot. To this day, ‘Guerilla Radio’ is one theirmost iconic tracks, and for many it would’ve been heard for the first time on this very soundtrack. For that Mr. Hawk, we’re eternally grateful. Not to mention, awesome music video.


2. Millencolin ‘No Cigar’



I remember finding out the first time these guys were Swedish. What an absolute mind melter. Listening to his accent above is a real eye-opener. But back to the song – it’s teen pressures crammed together in song form. Like a lot of Millencolin tracks, it builds perfectly until you can belt out the repeated chorus. A timeless punk anthem. Tony Hawk himself has admitted that it’s his favourite track off the album, and we’re damn close to agreeing with him. Enjoy it with a bit of Rodney Mullen standard shredding above.


1. Bad Religion ‘You’


Bad Religion’s ‘You’ has you hooked the moment it kicks off. Its anthem like clash of riffs and ‘fuck the corporations’ lyrics has it suitably sounding like a fairytale drenched in punk. Lyrical genius and frontman Greg Gaffin is responsible for the writing, which makes it no surprise he also appears on our list, 7 musicians smarter than you. This track has stood the test of time for 15 years now, and there’s no reason why it wont continue to.

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