NBA Draft Top 5, Most Influential Bands From Each City


It’s been a loooong wait for the 2016 NBA Draft! The class pool has been touted as one of the very best in recent years with the hype surrounding Ben Simmons kicking off when he was only 15. Yet today it finally did arrive, and it’s worth noting that the top five picks all represent music rich cities who are home to some of the most influential bands in modern rock.

Let’s explore the idea a bit more.


#5 Minnesota

From The Replacements to Hüsker , with a touch of Motion City SoundtrackPoliça and the band who brought us ‘Closing Time’, Semisonic. The Midwestern State can proudly claim these bands as their own. While artist wise, Bob Dylan and Prince both hale from the Timberwolves’ home.
Focusing on Hüsker Dü, the 80’s thrashers acted as a relentless wave of energy whose influence spilt over into the 90’s. Problems within the band didn’t ever prolong the creative process as the trio went on to record six albums.



#4 Phoneix

Focusing on the influence factor, the capital of Arizona has delivered us The Meat Puppets and Jimmy Eat World. The latter were most prevalent during a grungy 90s, but swayed to the more emo(tional) vibes that cleared a path for the early noughties movement to really evolve. Meanwhile it was no secret that The Meat Puppets were one of Kurt Cobain’s favourite groups. Nirvana put their songs ‘Plateau’, ‘Oh Me’ and ‘Lake of Fire’ in the limelight, and even invited the long haired trio on stage during their MTV Unplugged set.



#3 Boston

Now this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Boston are from Boston. The upbeat 70’s anthem ‘More Than A Feeling’ influenced further power ballad bands of the 70’s and 80’s like Def Leppard and Journey. Yet the most influential Boston band would have to be The Pixies. The list of bands saying they were influenced by them is close to infinite. Notable names include Nirvana, The Strokes, RadioheadWeezer, Blur and countless more.



#2 Los Angeles

The list of successful LA bands is longer than our lifetimes combined, but if we take the influential route, we’re singling out Black Flag and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Black Flag influenced the hardcore punk movement in a way not many brotherly punk bands could, and during a time when it was most needed. Meanwhile, the Chili’s fused rock-funk-rap to come with a genre that has evolved and flipped with their evolution.



#1 Philadelphia

Two acts that couldn’t sound more dissimilar if they tried are The Roots and Hall & Oates, but their influence on the Phili scene has been massive. The Roots combine hip-hop with rock in an unparalleled, unrivalled fashion – smooth and savvy with disguised effortlessness.

An honourable mention to Modern Baseball who were an honour to work with.


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