Everything The Stage-Light Touches is Tired Lion’s Kingdom

Photography by Rhiannon Hopley @RhiannonHopley

If you’re as excited about the plethora of great Aussie rock bands hitting the big time recently then add Tired Lion to your ‘watch’ list. This band is poised to join the likes of Violent Soho, Dune Rats or DZ Deathrays and their live show proves it.

The night began with the catchy pop hook-infused punk of CREO, which was then answered by the straight-from-the-early-aughts-sounding pop-punk duo, The Hard Aches, whipping the mob into a nostalgic frenzy. Once Tired Lion took to the stage the crowd had gathered and were ready to rock. Fronting the band, Sophie Hopes announced her genuine surprise for the incredible turnout. Apparently she wasn’t filled with confidence with the modest pre-sale figures. Nevertheless, I looked behind after being front and centre for most of the show to see the now fully packed Newtown Social Club bursting at the seams with anticipation.

tired lion body

The Perth outfit kicked straight into ‘Pretend’ from their latest release, Figurine, followed by the classic and catchy ‘Desperate’. A one-two punch of crowd favourites that early in the set won the audience’s enthusiasm. Only three songs in and Tired Lion bust out a brand new track and it’s received with even more enthusiasm. They used this gig to show us where they’re headed and the fans were hungry for it.

The set also included a blistering cover of Violent Soho’s ‘Saramona Said’ with Hopes’ voice adding a fierce but gentle element to the modern Aussie rock classic. However, the real highlights were the brand new songs of which there were many. With tracks like these on the horizon, Tired Lion is on the cusp of something great.

tired lion body 2

Throughout the show, there were two moments that stood out as character defining for the hard-working and hard-rocking group. Early in the set two fans in the front row were attempting to take a selfie with the band in the background so they could frame it and put it on their mantle for future generations to enjoy (I can only assume). Sophie Hopes, being the badass that she is, flipped them the bird to ensure that all their Instagram followers got was a Valencia-filtered photo of her middle finger.

The second moment was during a brand new song, ‘Keeping Me Awake’ when bassist, Nick Vasey missed a small cue. Hardly noticeable to the audience, but channelling James Brown, Sophie Hopes tried to kick him a few times. It was all in good fun but showed how committed this band is to their craft. Work hard to rock hard is the Tired Lion way of life.

tirrred lion

Whether or not you have had the chance to see or hear Tired Lion yet there’s no doubt you will soon.


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