Blink 182’s Albums Ranked 7-1


What a range. From their pubescent-dick-joke-youth, to their deeper more thought out records and everything in between. In anticipation of the first full release with new addition Matt Skiba, we rank Blink 182’s seven albums.

7. Neighborhoods, 2011

Even though this might be the most polished and mature record, let’s face it, that’s not what we grew up loving about the pop-punk trio. If you’re at a house party at 2am and someone puts on ‘Ghost on the Dance Floor,’ it’s not going to inspire your drunken friends to regress back to high school and scream all the lyrics at the top of their voices. In fact, you’ll probably be left with an empty house. I understand that they’re in their 40s now and probably don’t find setting dick jokes to music as fulfilling, but in terms of albums, this one probably won’t be remembered by most people.

Single: ‘Up All Night’
Underrated Gem:Natives’



6. Blink 182 (self-titled album), 2003

As soon as ‘Feeling This’ takes full flight, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is another party album. Unfortunately, their self-titled effort gets very dark very quickly. There are a lot of very memorable tracks and it was great to see Blink playing with their aesthetic on the video clips. Original fans definitely missed their trademark parody clips like ‘First Date’ but if you go back now and watch the video for ‘I Miss You’ it plays like a parody of itself – trust me, you’ll get a few good laughs out of it.

Single: ‘Feeling This’
Underrated Gem: ‘Obvious’



5. The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (live album), 2000

This was the first album that introduced me to the bards of boner ballads. For a 12-year-old kid this record was an endless source of entertainment. It contains special guest appearances from Satan, Mark’s mysterious Asian friend and enough swear words to get you grounded for a lifetime. Flash-forward to me listening to it in my mid twenties, I have to say it hasn’t aged well. It’s an awful epiphany to realise that Tom DeLonge is not the brilliant comedian I once thought he was. However, their music is absolutely meant to be experienced live and this album does a great job to portray what a Blink 182 show is like.

Underrated Gem: ‘The Country Song’



4. Cheshire Cat, 1995

While this release may only be known to devoted Blink 182 fans, it’s definitely the hidden gem of the discography. It’s murky, raw, fast and their most punk incarnation. You can hear their Bad Religion and Pennywise influences in a very big way, especially on the song ‘Sometimes.’ It’s also one of two albums (the other being Dude Ranch) with original drummer, Scott Raynor.

Single: ‘M+Ms’
Underrated Gem: ‘Peggy Sue’



3. Enema of the State, 1999

Maybe it’s just the use of ‘Mutt’ in the classic webcam scene of American Pie but this album sounds like pure unadulterated puberty. If you were up to no good or trying to get away with something as a teenager, it’s a pretty safe bet that this record was the soundtrack. Enema of the State was also the first appearance of now 11th richest drummer in the world, Travis Barker.

Single: ‘All The Small Things’
Underrated Gem: ‘Mutt’



2. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001

This album is a juggernaut. It really is the culmination of everything that the Blink 182 entity stood for. It has the seemingly improvised joke tracks like ‘Happy Holidays You Bastard,’ the songs about struggling to get girls like ‘First Date,’ the middle finger to authority ‘Anthem Part Two,’ and the song with the message in ‘Stay Together For The Kids.’ It’s beautifully polished and diverse and there’s no wonder why it was one of their biggest commercial successes.

Single: ‘First Date’
Underrated Gem: ‘Every Time I Look For You’



1. Dude Ranch, 1997

The one with the giant bull testicles that you don’t notice at first glance. This release is the perfect balance between the rough and loose sound of Cheshire Cat and the more poppy direction of Enema of the State. Another reason I need to count this album as their best release is because of Alyssa Milano’s appearance as a cheerleader in the ‘Josie’ video clip. Need I say more? And if you’ve always wanted to hear a song about doing the five knuckle fandango to Princess Leia then check out ‘A New Hope’. Dude Ranch has it all.

Single: ‘Dammit’
Underrated Gem: ‘A New Hope’


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