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@ The Gaelic Theatre, Sydney, 2 August 2010

Martin Solomon - Vocals
Saul Wodak - Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals
Simon Jankelson - Guitars/Piano/Backing Vocals
Dustin Bookatz - Bass
Harry Thynne - Drums

Forming in late 2007, WIM are a band harking back to classic pop and timeless folk, whilst facing steadfastly forward toward modern indie/art rock.

Incorporating psychedelic instrumentation, soulful and earnest lyricism and intriguing vocal melodies, the sound travels a broad spectrum.

The band travel from the realms of such timeless sounds as The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel and Neil Young, to the more contemporary Grizzly Bear and Devendra Banhart. Describing themselves as ‘glam folk’, WIM aspire to meld and cross-reference a variety of genres.

In the end, the band is really about a sense of return to music and a new take on the modern-classic song. WIM’s sound travels over a vast array of colour and feelings; their songs truly speak for themselves.