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Cursive, live at The Glass House in Pomona, US. Recorded February 25, 2012.



Take one look at Cursive live and you’d never believe they’re a band that was once plagued by instability. The Nebraska rockers may have gone through numerous hiatuses and almost hiatuses, at least one break-up and a few lineup changes, yet the sheer energy and passion that frontman Tim Kasher and co pour into their raucous live performances is astonishing.
Any fan worth their weight in Cursive albums (and after two decades together, there’s plenty of those) will tell you that, on record, hearing Kasher’s distinctive vocals brim with pure emotion is really something. But watching Cursive perform and seeing how Kasher physically connects with his songs brings his often dark, sardonic lyrics to another level entirely. Throw in some thunderous riffs, face melting percussion and jagged guitars courtesy of the rest of the Cursive crew, and you got yourself one hell of a rock show.
Filmed at The Glass House a week after they dropped their ambitious seventh album ‘I Am Gemini’, the band delivered a thrilling mix of new tunes (from opener ‘Drunken Birds‘, to Kasher’s self-professed “weird jam” ‘Twin Dragon/Hello Skeleton‘) and old classics (‘Sierra‘, ‘The Recluse‘ and ‘Art Is Hard‘).

About Cursive

Cursive is an American indie rock band from Omaha, Nebraska, on Saddle Creek Records/Big Scary Monsters (UK)

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