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Formed in 1997 in Louisville, Kentucky with a sound that combines elements of rock, French house and dance-punk. Blender heralded them as one of rock’s “Best New Bands” and Rolling Stone named them an “Artist to Watch”. “Bring on the Comets,” is the band’s third album in a career that has seen the group evolve from creating straight-ahead indie-rock and pop to experimental electronic dancehall rhythms. “We didn’t want to play to expectations based on what we’ve done in the past,” guitarist/vocalist Craig Pfunder said. “This was a chance for us to bring all of our musical tastes–from early on in our youth as well as our current environment–and incorporate them,” Pfunder said of the new album, which was produced by Brandon Mason (David Bowie, Secret Machines). “So we do have a much more diverse offering, but one that paints a total picture that represents all of our musical passions in a cohesive way. Ultimately, the music will speak for itself.”