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Moshcam Meets David Gedge of The Wedding Present 10:24

The Wedding Present

@ The Annandale Hotel, Sydney, 13 April 2012

Here at Moshcam we have two yardsticks for measuring a person’s character. Obviously their taste in music is one, but the other is whether or not they love Twin Peaks for all it’s eerie, mind-bending glory.
We already knew David Gedge of indie-rock legends The Wedding Present had an exceptional ear for good tunes, so to learn that he was enough of a fan of Agent Cooper and co to consider the theme tune to the program his favorite cover song was just the icing on the (wedding) cake.
But if you need even more reasons to consider Gedge a total hero, take a look at this interview we did with the cool cat himself prior to the band’s epic gig at Sydney’s Annandale Hotel.