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01 Cosmic Dancer (T-Rex) 4:17

The Dresden Dolls

@ Enmore Theatre, Sydney, 7 January 2012

Dark, twisted and downright sexy; you haven’t experienced cabaret until you’ve done it Dresden Dolls style. Solo, frontwoman Amanda Palmer is a force to be reckoned with; she’s ferocious, rebellious and eerily angelic all at once. Tonight she’s joined by her partner in Brechtian-punk crime, the strong, silent Charlie Chaplin-esque drummer Brian Viglione.
Together they’re a formidable pair, which is why we thought they were a perfect choice for our first live streaming concert. And boy, they didn’t disappoint. The vaudevillian duo kicked off the evening with their dreamy take on T-Rex’s ‘Cosmic Dancer‘, but it wasn’t long before they went plunged into what Palmer described as a “mishmash of shit”. Vigilone pounded his kit like a man possessed as Palmer howled her lyrics that touched on everything from sexual disillusionment in ‘Coin-Operated Boy‘ to stealing lawn ornaments from neighbors in ‘Night Reconnaissance’.
Palmer’s playful eroticism (“take off my shirt? im not wearing a shirt!” she giggled at one stage) had the entire room under her spell, but not even she could have guessed just how much some fans – or at least the one who gave her a hickey during ‘Mein Herr’ – wanted to get in on the action. “If anybody else has that idea, just approach me from the other side so I have matching hickeys!” Palmer laughed afterward.