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Screamfeeder began performing under that name in Brisbane, Australia in 1991. They formed out of the remains of Tim Steward's band The Madmen, who recorded two singles and a 12" mini-album. Madmen bassist Cam Hurst left the band, and Tim met and teamed up with bassist Kellie Lloyd, who had previously made a filmclip for The Madmen. Making up the band was drummer Tony Blades. During the 1990s indie and grunge rock increased in popularity throughout the world and Screamfeeder was part of the rise of independent Australian rock. The musical style and influences on each Screamfeeder album are distinct, from retro pop-rock, low-fi indie, to guitar driven alternative. In 1995 Dean Shwereb replaced Tony Blades on the drums. In 2007 Steph Hughes briefly filled-in for Dean Shwereb on drums. Live members have included Mike Squire, Doug Arnott and Darek Mudge.