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01 One Of The Boys 3:46

Rose Tattoo

@ Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, 25 August 2012

“Rock and roll will save yer soul – let it in!” Rose Tattoo frontman Angry Anderson proclaimed at the start of their Sydney like a pub rock preacher delivering a sermon. If that made the Sydney Entertainment Centre a temple, it was one built on pillars of searing rock ‘n’ roll, red-blooded riffs and chest-beating anthems delivered at maximum volume.
Back from a lengthy hiatus to support their old mate Slash, the rock veterans rolled in like a well-oiled tank armed with their gutsy blues-laced riffs and Angry’s signature wail. Between hits like ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw’, ‘Bad Boy For Love’ and ‘We Can’t Be Beaten’, Angry preached some more, espousing declarations like “To freedom – be prepared to pay the price!” as he toasted with a slug from a bottle of red. So turn up your speakers and get ready for one helluva rock ‘n’ roll ride starting now.