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Red Riders

@ Metro Theatre, Sydney, 2 November 2007

Red Riders say: We're not the future of anything. We’re not post-punk although we do like Gang of Four. We're not new-rave, although we think The Stone Roses are killer. We’re just a band and we really wanted to make a guitar album, the way Radiohead's The Bends is a guitar album, or The Replacements’ Let It Be is a guitar album. We're not saying we got there, but that was the plan and we’re endlessly proud of all ten tracks on our debut record. Influenced by a whole bunch of stuff, but mainly boredom and vanity, we started playing about three and a bit years ago and in that time have released two EPs and played all over the country. Bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Fiery Furnaces, Death From Above 1979, The Sleepy Jackson, The Grates, Youth Group, The Shins and some others have let us share a stage with them and try to poach their fans. Some critics have said nice things about us (see below). Oddly enough the quote where this guy tried to pay us a compliment by drawing parallels to Australian Crawl didn't make the cut. Bummer. "They" say: "Even Jesus Christ knows that the Riders are one of this country's most consistently promising pop bands" – The Brag "Red Riders are a bunch of talented, spirited lads who treat their audience like their mates and are willing to take major risks in order to make the music that they love. If you haven’t seen them live... then you are doing yourself a great disservice." – "These rockin' Sydney boys are about to take on the world with their infectious, upbeat rock, dark pop and first-wave punk sounds" – TV Hits "... there is much to look forward to with the release of the quartet’s debut album" – Rave Magazine Ivy League Records say: Produced by Woody Annison (Pound System, Rocket Science), 'Replica Replica' was recorded at Rockinghorse Studios in Byron Bay, and mixed at Studio 01 in Melbourne. We love this record. A lot! Source: