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01 Fall 6:36

41 Strings by Nick Zinner with members of the Australian Youth Orchestra

@ Sydney Festival: Sydney Opera House, Sydney, 22 January 2012

If you have ever been to the kind of show that leaves you in such a state of ecstatic bliss that for a moment, you genuinely believe you could happily live out the rest of your days listening to just that same set, then prepare for the same thing to happen when you watch Nick Zinner’s ’41 Strings’.
If you only know Zinner as the guitarist for Brooklyn indie outfit the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, its high time to start focusing on him as an uber-talented musician in his own right, because this show is a whole other ballgame.
For starters, when a rock musician is asked to create a piece of music to celebrate the 41st anniversary of Earth Day and they whip up a spine-tinglingly beautiful symphonic ode that chronicles the changing faces of the four seasons, they must be edging towards the title of musical genius. And its under this umbrella that Nick Zinner deserves to stand.
Even if classical music is not your thing, see if you are not utterly transfixed by the time the piece moves from the swirling violins and gentle percussion of the Fall movement to the darker mood for the second and third parts. The ad hoc composer came into his own when he performed as part of the Sydney Festival, and judging by the occasional smiles shared between Zinner and the musicians of the Australian Youth Orchestra, they knew they were part of something very special too.
It’s an incredible performance that cements Zinner’s position as one of the most versatile rock musicians out there in just 28 glorious minutes. We still have goosebumps just thinking about it, so we are thrilled to be able to give you a taste of just how magical the entire evening was.