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Tek and Younger (Dig It Up!)

@ Enmore Theatre, Sydney, 22 April 2012

Tek & Younger are guitarist / songwriter Deniz Tek and singer / songwriter Rob Younger. Together these two luminaries set the tone for much of the ‘80’s Australian garage-rock output via their legendary proto-punk outfit Radio Birdman.

The pair sought to begin a band that would have no commercial interest and break the norm at the time, so they recruited classical keyboard player Philip 'Pip' Hoyle, drummer Ron Keeley and bassist Carl Rorke . The band took their name from a misheard lyric from the Stooges' song "1970" (the actual lyric is "radio burnin'").

Radio Birdman split in 1978 although their influence remained strong and in 1981 Tek & Younger would reunite for the hugely successful New Race tour that also featured members of Detroit bands The Stooges and MC5.

Nowadays Tek & Younger are happy to work on individual projects.