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Confession, from the burgeoning depths of Melbourne’s hardcore scene are a new and exciting enterprise bringing the mosh back to hardcore, and an encounter with the savage new five piece may just warrant forgiveness on a whole new level. For it’s not without lashings of wraith that this vicious band exploded onto the Australian music scene with their debut release in 2008’s “Can’t Live Can’t Breathe”.

Collectively this practised crew of misfits boast experience in an array of some of Australia’s finest hardcore bands including the widely-adored yet now defunct I Killed The Prom Queen, thriving Melbourne act Carpathian, US giants Bury Your Dead, Pro Team, and Byron Bay's 50 Lions. Add to this, notorious lead singer Michael Crafter’s brief but tumultuous storming of the Big Brother 2008 House, and you’ll find Confession’s combined crowd-pulling power is second to none.