Frequently Asked Questions

Using Moshcam

Why won’t the site load for me? All I see is a red page.
Make sure you have Flash 9 installed on your computer. If you do and are still experiencing the same problem, try clearing your cache or holding down Shift when you refresh the page.

Why does the video stop every few seconds?
Moshcam is built for high-speed broadband connections. If you are experiencing stuttering your internet connection is probably too slow.

How do I put a video on my own website or upload one to YouTube or MySpace?
Each track in the gig setlist has it's own code under the EMBED link. Simply copy the code and paste it into the website of your choice. That track will then be served up from Moshcam in its own player.

How do I stream my Playlists to my own or other websites?
Once you’ve created your playlist, go to your playlist page and you’ll see a link next to your pic entitled EMBED. Click here and you’ll get the code to drop into your webpage. For MySpace users, we recommend you paste this into your “Music” section when you go into edit your profile.

Can I download the videos?
Not at this stage. Moshcam is only licensed only to stream the gigs on the internet, but we hope to activate this feature in the near future.

Why is the Setlist wrong/incomplete?
While we endeavour to obtain complete setlists from every one of the bands we record, sometimes we are unable to do so. We welcome feedback from fans or the band itself to correct any inaccuracies or to flesh out incomplete setlists. Please send any corrections to